Living and Working in Byron Bay – Da Vinci

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Da Vinci, Korea


Da Vinci studied General English with us here at Lexis English | Byron Bay for four weeks, and with a name like that – has been difficult to forget.

Here he tells us about his time at Lexis in Byron Bay, and the job that he found here!


Da Vinci, tell us a bit about why you chose Byron Bay?

I have travelled all around Australia and Byron Bay is the best place for me – it’s really close to the beach, there is a slow pace of life… Nobody is in a hurry, it is very peaceful and relaxing!

What kind of accommodation did you find here in Byron?

I live in a share house – it is in a great location behind the farmers market. It wasn’t so easy to find, but I live with really friendly people.

Tell us about your job and how you found it:

I work as a chef in an Asian takeaway restaurant called Noodle Box, and I have plenty of hours. A friend introduced me to the job. I enjoy it – I have a really good boss. English has definitely helped me with the job, with communicating and understanding people.

What experiences will you take away from your time here at Lexis in Byron?

Well, I won’t be leaving Byron! I want to stay here for four years so that I can apply for permanent residency. But I will take away something from my time at Lexis – Kathleen was a wonderful teacher, she explained everything really well and I really appreciated her. Also Amy and Lisa are really friendly!

Thanks Da Vinci, I’ll take that gun away from your head now 🙂 and finally – what would be your top tips for an English student coming to study here at Lexis?

Don’t be absent at school! Also – always be at peace, go to the beach as much as you can, speak only in English, take your time – and remember – if you don’t speak English then you won’t find an Australian wife!

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