Working Hard in Byron Bay!

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Londy is our popular and cheerful student from Korea who always puts a smile on our faces in reception when he comes in to say hello!

Londy has been studying with us here at Lexis English | Byron Bay since June 2013! He took a short break to study on the Gold Coast, but then came back to Byron, as he missed it here 
He has been studying General English, and is in our Upper Intermediate class.

Londy, tell us why you chose Byron Bay:

I wanted to study with less Koreans! I want to practice English all the time. It is so free and quiet here – it’s such a beautiful town. My teachers here have been so helpful, and I go to GIL a lot to work on my homework.

Tell us about your job and how you found it:

I’m working as a cleaner at Aldi, and before that I worked for three months at a hotel on the Gold Coast. I found my job at Aldi through a friend, and had an interview with the manager. I had worked on my CV in GIL and the teachers helped me write it. It has helped my English as I’m hearing English instructions all the time. I have had some misunderstandings though – when I worked at a hotel on the Gold Coast I cleaned the wrong floor as I didn’t understand the instructions!

What have you learned here that you will take back to Korea with you?

It is a different Korean culture here – with parties, BBQs with friends and enjoying some beer. I think I will take that home!

Also next month I am going to Europe to visit Germany, Croatia and other Eastern European countries – I have met so many friends here that I can now to go and visit in Europe!

Thanks Londy – good luck – we will miss you!

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