Rosane from Brazil shares her Lexis Byron Bay experience with us

Which class are you in Rosane?

I started in April 2013 at Lexis Byron Bay with the General English course, now I am in the FCE class.

Why Byron?

The lifestyle is really similar to Brazil – there are so many beaches to choose from, you can surf and dive; and also it has a small village feel. Am I happy? Of course I’m happy!!
I have had lots of different teachers because I have been here for a long time – its good as they all teach in different ways and it gives me variety.

How did you find accommodation?

I found it really easy to find accommodation in Byron – there are a lot of options. I lived in the student house, and then a share house – after that I found a studio with my boyfriend, but now we live in a house together with some friends.

How did you find work in Byron Bay?

I work at Slice Pizzeria in Byron Bay – near the beach. I have plenty of hours – enough for my student visa! I wrote my CV and Katherine, my teacher at Lexis, helped me to correct it. The Lexis reception staff printed copies for me and I took them to all of the restaurants and cafes in the area.
I don’t have any friends in Byron Bay that don’t have a job – you just have to be persistent. I think that in Byron Bay it is a good thing to be dedicated – they like people who try hard!

What will you do after your course?

When I finish FCE I will stay and work in Byron for another two months, and then I will travel around Asia. After this I am going to volunteer in South Africa!

What are the experiences you will take away with you?

Living alone has meant that I know myself better – I think I have become a stronger person. Also I have met people from all over the world, we are at the school together so it is more intensive. I have learnt so much about different cultures. Also my job lets me practice my English and communicate with Australian people!


Rosane Farah, Brazil

Thank you Rosane for sharing your experience with us, on behalf of the entire Lexis team, we wish you all the best in the future.

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