Nadja’s Skydive in Byron Bay!


This Monday Nadja threw herself out of a plane at 14,000 feet. Don’t worry, she hadn’t got so stressed from her English classes that flinging herself from a plane was her only option.

She had booked to do Byron Bay’s infamous skydive!

Here’s what she had to say about her amazing experience:

I booked with Maya at Backpacker World Travel – I had originally wanted to do it in Airlie Beach, but Maya told me that Byron Bay is the highest jump in Australia – she said that the extra ten seconds of freefall makes a huge difference, and you realise in that ten seconds what you are actually doing!

I booked it on a Friday, and was going on the Monday. I was so nervous all weekend! But – I think it is the best thing I have ever done. I was excited but also scared and a little bit nervous – then I met my ‘jumper’, and he was German too so I knew that I would understand everything that he told me.

The plane flies out over the beach – I saw four or five dolphins in the water – and you can see the waves.

I was so nervous – my hands were sweating! They opened the plane doors and my jumper said to me, “OK – you are next!” I was the first one out, but it was better that way as I didn’t have to watch the others.

It was amazing – I could see the lighthouse and all the way down to Surfers Paradise – it was so beautiful. Really, really worth the money.

The flight with the parachute was really relaxing after the jump, and you could see the other jumpers too.

When my feet hit the ground, I said to my jumper – “I want to do it again!!”

To book your own exhilarating skydive experience – see Pierre at the BWT travel desk in the student lounge (Mon, Weds and Fri – 12-4pm), or pop in to see the team at BWT in town.

And don’t forget that you can win a skydive by entering the Lexis Facebook Photo Competition!! Go to for details!

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