This week we profile a really lovely and delightfully happy student


David (Wei Chun Lin), from Taiwan, has been at Lexis | Byron Bay for just six weeks. He would love to stay longer but he starts university in China on March 2. Here he tells us about his short time at Lexis | Byron Bay.

Why did you decide to study at Lexis in Byron Bay?

I was always planning to come to Australia but didn’t know which city to choose. Then my sister Dora (Chao Heng Lin) came here in November last year and she told me that I should choose Lexis | Byron Bay.

What did you like best about your class?

I liked the book and that we had a progress test every Monday. I liked my classmates who were very funny, especially Pau (Roca Martin) and the chocolate prizes Kathleen our teacher gave us were great too.

What activities did you enjoy most?

I enjoyed playing soccer and table tennis tournaments at the school and I also tried surfing. I had three lessons with Gaz from Style Surf and then also went out on my own 7 or 8 times. I can catch a wave now but sometimes when the weather is rough I fall off. I’ll miss surfing when I leave because there is nowhere to do it in Taiwan.

What’s your favourite thing about Byron Bay?

Going to lighthouse. It’s so beautiful I go at least twice a week. Also, I like the people they are so friendly and the other day I saw a woman pick up some litter on the street and put it in the bin. That would never happen in Taiwan.

Any final words?

I’m really happy with my English progress. I can speak and write much more easily now. And of course, I’m going to miss everyone and everything in Byron Bay.

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