Feeling proud of our students here at Lexis | Byron Bay this week!!!!

We have a few reasons to be proud of our students here at Lexis English | Byron Bay this week!!

First up, our Pre-Intermediate students made us an awesome promo video which is up in our Facebook group!! Go to the Lexis English Byron Bay group to see our students share their favourite things about studying here at Lexis and in the beautiful Byron Bay – no traffic signals was an unexpected highlight!

The English Only policy has been rolled out on the grounds in force, with Lisa policing the school vigilantly!

Below is Elena Bertoli’s 150 words on immersing yourself fully in the English language!


“I think that full immersion English is an efficient and effective way of improving my English; spoken and written.

Lexis School has an English only policy – this means I must not speak my native language while I’m at the school.

I think that the main benefit of a full immersion English is that I am totally surrounded by the country, the atmosphere and the language. It’s better for me to have constant English conversations with my teachers and classmates. I’m looking for a job, and if I always speak only English I can improve my skills much more quickly.

English is important for work, and it is essential for daily life. The English Only policy is a great incentive to help the students make friends around the school. As a result to speak only English at school I met a lot of people from other countries. I spend most of my time with my classmates and I can see my improvement.

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  1. Excellent writing from Elena. And next week, I’ll be sending home anybody who speaks in any language other than English. Lisa 🙂

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