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Enrico101Real Italian cuisine stems from the working class; the poor people needed to create food which was highly nutritious with cheap and simple ingredients …
Lesson no. 1 – ‘Dry Pasta’
‘Pasta Secca’(Dry pasta) dates all the way back to the 13th century when ‘Pasta Fresca’(fresh pasta) was a luxury that only the rich could afford. This was because making fresh pasta required eggs which were very expensive at the time. ‘Pasta Secca’ was therefore created with the intention of being stored and preserved for a long period. This pasta consisted of a mix of semolina and water which was dried on the terrace under the sun. That’s why pasta has always been so amazing!
So… the most important part… the cooking! It is very important for the palate (texture) and for the nutrition. As a matter of fact, cooking pasta can have a huge impact on a person’s digestion system. Not cooking the pasta enough or, in fact, overcooking it is actually very unhealthy. It makes it much more difficult for the body to digest. If you eat pasta regularly it could be an even bigger problem. And so that is why we are here today… to teach you how to cook pasta properly, the perfect Italian “AL DENTE” way.
Let’s start now! Enjoy and “BUON APPETITO”!

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