Byron Dreaming …

Lexis student, Danny Morello, tells us about his favourite place to be…

Wategos Beach, Byron Bay….


Wategos Beach is the best beach in Byron in my opinion. It’s a lovely place and it seems to be in paradise. While you are lying on the beach sunbathing you can perceive a weak breeze which moves your hair and helps you against a golden and burning sun which rises to the top of a blue and clear sky.

While you’re lying on the white sandy beach you’re surrounded by heaps of trees (such as Pandanus and Casuarina) and the lovely sound of the waves which are breaking in to the beach make you feel relaxed.

Families and tourists play on the beach and in the hottest part of the day they return to a peaceful place under the shadows of some trees.

There are lots of people surfing with fantastic dolphins that swim around you.

A surreal and breathtaking place…like a paradise!

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