Byron Dreaming …

Lexis student, Danny Morello, tells us about his favourite place to be…

Wategos Beach, Byron Bay….


Wategos Beach is the best beach in Byron in my opinion. It’s a lovely place and it seems to be in paradise. While you are lying on the beach sunbathing you can perceive a weak breeze which moves your hair and helps you against a golden and burning sun which rises to the top of a blue and clear sky.

While you’re lying on the white sandy beach you’re surrounded by heaps of trees (such as Pandanus and Casuarina) and the lovely sound of the waves which are breaking in to the beach make you feel relaxed.

Families and tourists play on the beach and in the hottest part of the day they return to a peaceful place under the shadows of some trees.

There are lots of people surfing with fantastic dolphins that swim around you.

A surreal and breathtaking place…like a paradise!

Jobs in the Byron shire …

Jobs in the Byron Shire this week:
1. Chefs! Full time and part time positions. Phone: 0439 302 898
2. Hair Stylist. Email resume to:
3. Production Assistant, Voluntary role on feature documentary. Email Angela for a job description:
4. Greenkeeper to maintain single bowling green. Phone: 0438 771 613
5. Massage Therapist for Woodford Folk Festival Tent. Phone: 6684 6982
6. Waitperson for Raes @ Wategoes. Email resume:
7. Couple WANTED to exchange housekeeping / child minding / gardening for beautiful self contained, fully furnished apartment in Ewingsdale. Phone Susi: 0402 704 332.
8. Barista! Twisted Sista Cafe. Please call if you have experience: 6685 6810
9. Casual Sales Women’s Clothing for Markets and Festivals. Email resume to:

Blast from the Past!


Welcome back Jari!

Ex-student Jari is back in Byron this week and he came to visit to let us know what he’s been up to…

I came to Byron Bay to study English in January this year. The Lexis staff encouraged me to sit for the Cambridge Advanced English exam.

I really enjoyed the class and the experience of sharing the challenge of sitting for an international exam with my class mates.

I loved meeting people from all over the world and the Byron staff were really encouraging and helpful.

I also enjoyed the Lexis activities which involved International cooking and interacting with other students.

I then travelled the east coast of Aussie and NZ and got the shock of my life getting off the plane on Anzac Day to minus 5!

When I came back to Australia I worked at a juice bar in Sydney and also doing some fundraising. I had an awesome time living in a share house and meeting lots of new people…now I have over 5000 photos of my Aussie experience!

Now I’ve come back to Byron because it was my favourite place to be – I’m looking for a job and hoping to stay here for as long as I can. My host family here was amazing, kind and fun and I am on my way to go and visit her right now and surprise her!

And best of all, I passed my Advanced English exam!