Friday Graduation

This week we farewelled another group of wonderful students, including some members of our IELTS class.

Japanese graphic designer Sunny will be continuing his travels throughout Asia and the Phillippines before heading home. Image

“Everyone has been so kind, nice and friendly. I’m really happy and lucky with you all.”

The gorgeous Albert came to Australia as a complete beginner and graduated today at Upper Intermediate level. Well done Albert!


Spanish architect Jorge has been here for 12 weeks, studying for his IELTS qualification. Jorge is hoping to settle permanently in Australia and is off to Sydney to find a job.


“I want to thank everybody not only for the English but also the experiences and rich things I learned here”

And finally we said farewell to the very charismatic Jack who certainly made the most of his time in Byron.


“It was a memorable experience. I hope we will meet again. Wish me luck & enjoy Byron!”

Good luck everyone!

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