Work & Study? It’s possible, meet our Lexis Students who do both…

Many students at Lexis Byron Bay hope to find part-time work in Australia. Working is a great way to meet people and improve your English skills. As Byron is a popular tourist destination with over two million visitors per year, there is often employment available for students in the retail, tourism and hospitality industries, particularly during the summer months from October to March.


Fabio is a man of many talents! In his short time here at Lexis Byron Bay he has established himself as our resident handyman, undertaking casual maintenance and building work at the school, the student house and for several local businesses. He also works as a DJ at local bars, clubs and events.

Elena and Elena are friends from Spain both studying for their Cambridge exams at Lexis Byron Bay. The girls work together as cleaners at a resort in town. They generally work three or four mornings per week including Saturdays which leaves them with plenty of time to study and play!

Felipe is a 20 year old Brazilian student who is studying for his IELTS exams at Lexis Byron Bay. Felipe works twenty hours per week at the Cypress Tree Greek restaurant in Byron Bay, working evenings and weekend shifts. “I was really lucky to get this job. A friend was leaving town and needed a replacement, so I was hired straight away! It’s perfect for me with my studies.”

Carole is an 18 year old from Brazil who is studying at Lexis Byron Bay for six months. She has two jobs, working as a waitress at a Spanish restaurant several nights a week and doing casual work as a housekeeper for local motels and resorts.  “Working is a great way to make friends and I am always talking with customers so I improve my English all the time!”



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