Farewell Naoko

Today we said goodbye to the beautiful Naoko who has been studying at Lexis Byron Bay for a grand total of fifty weeks! Naoko first came to Lexis in October 2010, speaking very little English. Over almost two years, her English has improved tremendously and she has been a wonderful inspiration to the students and staff here at school.

ImageNaoko came to Byron Bay so that her daughter could attend Cape Byron Steiner School. “I had always heard about Byron Bay – I heard that it was a place with so many hippies! I love all the festivals: Bluesfest, Woodford  – actually I am a party girl!”

“When I came to Byron Bay, English was very difficult for me. If I had been younger, I would have learnt more quickly, but I began to learn English at the age of 54 – I am 56 now. Can you imagine? Imagine your mother trying to learn English! So I am very grateful to everyone at Lexis Byron Bay for their patience.”

“The teachers at Lexis are so excellent. They have compassion. They are thoughtful and they are very humorous. I am very grateful to all the teachers.”

And to the students?

“To all the students I would like you to know that I am very good at cooking. So if you are feeling homesick for the food of your country, let me know, and I will make you some food for your soul.”

Naoko’s gentle presence and her wonderful sense of humour will be very missed at Lexis Byron Bay. But we are happy to hear that Naoko will be staying here in Byron while her daughter finishes secondary school and we hope to welcome her back for frequent visits!

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