Meeting locals at the Byron farmers’ market

On chilly winter mornings, everone is keen to get out in the sunshine, and we don’t always have to be in a classroom to speak English. Every Thursday there are farmers’ markets in Byron Bay, and many local farmers bring in their freshest, most delicious food. There’s also plenty of music to keep people entertained, and snack food and coffee if you just want to relax.

This week, two classes took advantage of the chance to practice their English by chatting to native speakers at the markets: the Upper-Intermediate students and the Pre-Intermediate students.

Students were interviewed for a documentary about Byron Bay...Are you guys ready to be famous?

You're supposed to be looking at the other camera!

Ready to ask the difficult questions...

Are you ready to ROCK?! No? Me, neither. Let's just chill out to these guys...

One of the 'fruit' stalls. Very flat, very colourful, and very chewy fruit.

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