GV People. Roberto and Daniele..

We have recently had some very charming and lively Italians join the school who have been great fun and have made a wonderful addition to the school. I caught up with them to talk about their experiences of GV Byron and Byron and this is what they had to say….

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Hi everyone! My name is Daniele and I am from Italy, a place called Asti (which you might have heard of if your drink!) which is in the North of Italy near Turin. It’s a small city with 80000 people but a nice place.

I have just completed my studies in IT at home and am now looking for a job, either in Italy or in Australia. I came to Australia to have a look around in Australia and see what opportunities there are here as I am quite interested in perhaps trying to find work in Australia as an IT professional.

I am in Byron now because I like the idea of a small beach town with beautiful scenery and friendly people.  I have found Byron to be a great place, the ambience of the town is wonderful and the people are really really friendly which means a lot to me.

Today is my last day at school after having been here for three weeks. The school has been fun. In my opinion it’s a good school because we can learn by talking to other people from all over the world in English and it is great to have an experience where you can talk to so many different cultures and people with different languages in one place!

I have been studying in the Upper Intermediate level which has been good for me as it has been challenging but fun. I can honestly say that I have improved my ability to understand people from all over the world.

After this, I am going to travel around Australia a bit first going north to the Whitsundays and then down to South Australia, Melbourne and Sydney. It should be fun I think!!

I will be a little bit sad to leave here as I have made lots of friends from all over the world which has been really nice. The school is not just about studying; it’s a good social fun and happy place, in an amazing location!

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Hi All, I’m Roberto from Italy, Constanzana, near Vercelli. A very small village (with only 1000 inhabitants in it). I arrived in Byron Bay a few weeks ago after finishing my studies in Italy where I was studying biotechnology. I came to Australia, and in particular Byron for two main reasons. Firstly, I really wanted to develop my language skills and secondly, because I am on a working holiday visa, I want to get a job in Australia related to my field of study. If I’m lucky and my dreams are fulfilled I will be fortunate enough to get a job in working in a scientific laboratory. Fingers crossed!

I am currently studying in the Upper Intermediate class and once I have completed that course I will move on to the IELTS preparation course. So far, I have really enjoyed the classes and the school. It is an open, friendly and nice place to be and there are people from all over the world here which is interesting.

I really like Byron Bay. It is not a chaotic town (like some big cities in Italy) and very peaceful. It is also a very convenient place to live as there are markets everywhere and nothing is too far if you have your bicycle.  I love the beach here, it’s a magic beach. The people on the beach are friendly and I have found it really easy to meet people. There is always a soothing breeze coming from the ocean which is great on hot summer afternoons.

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