Working in Byron Bay

Today I caught up with some of our students to talk about their experiences of working in Byron. This is what they had to say….

From top left – Ben, Daniel, Aron, Rio and Filipe.

Work Testimonials:

Filipe Augusto Ribeiro,

Hi I’m Filipe from Brazil. I have been studying in the Intermediate General English class for the last two months and have really enjoyed my time here.  I have had several jobs since I’ve been in Byron and right now I have two jobs.

My first job is at the Pacific Italian Restaurant where I work as a kitchen hand and I do this a few nights a week.  This is a cool job for me as I am a chef at home in Brazil and it’s interesting to work in a kitchen in a different country as things in the kitchen are done quite differently.

The other job I have is as a rickshaw driver. This job is great fun, I really like this job as i get to improve my English skills and make money. It is lots of fun as everyone talks (usually in English) to me and I get to meet people from all around the world. It is often funny as people talk to me and tell me crazy things but are always very nice. They can be quite hard to understand when they are very drunk, but it’s always friendly.

This is my last week at the school and after this I will have another job to go to as a kitchen hand in another restaurant!

Daniel Feas.

Hi  I’m Daniel from Spain/ Switzerland. I have been studying at GV Byron Bay for the last three months doing the FCE preparation course. I will be in Byron for another month and then am off to Perth to study the CAE preparation course for ten weeks!

I am just about to start a new job this weekend in Byron. Since my family is Spanish I speak fluent Spanish. I grew up in Switzerland so I also speak fluent French and of course my English is great! (Thanks GV!) This means that I am pretty much tri-lingual. Happily I have found a job where I can put my language skills to use. I am going to be a tour guide in Byron, taking people around Byron Bay and showing them different areas and the different activities that one can do in Byron, from Kayaking, to dolphin watching, the lighthouse etc etc. I can’t wait to start as it will be a great way to practise my language skills and meet lots of new people.

Ben- Sang Il Byun.

Hi I’m Ben from Korea. I have been studying General English as GV Byron for two months in the upper intermediate class. Today is my last day at school, and it has been great as I have learnt a lot and found the job workshop to be really useful.

At the moment I am working as a kitchen hand for “Red, Hot and Green” a cafe in town. I work four days a week for three hours a day which fits in perfectly with my study. Last month I had a different job, which Justin found for me. This was an interesting job. I had to ring doctors in Korea from Byron Bay and interview them and then collate the results for the marketing team for the company I worked for. I really liked this job as it was quite relaxed!

Aron – Young – Sik

Hi, I’m Aron from Korea. I have been studying at GV in the General English course for the last ten weeks.

At the moment I have a small part-time job working for GV, helping the staff move furniture around and set up and close the school. This is a great job as it doesn’t take much time but I work every day! It also helps keep me very fit which is nice!

Rio- Jong Ha Lee

Hi, I’m Rio from Korea! I have been studying at GV Byron for 14 weeks and will be here for another 36 weeks! I’m very excited today as I just got a new job which I start tonight working for Why Not Cafe.

I will be working as a Kitchen Hand which will be a new experience for me. I think it will be a great experience as I will have to practise my English and earn money at the same time

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