Welcome James!!

Today I caught up with the newest member of the team. James!

How long have you been teaching at GV Byron Bay and what did you do before you worked here?

I have been here for a month which has been great!  Before I came here I was working for another language school in Sydney. I came to Byron because it’s a great lifestyle, the beach, the weather and the general natural beauty of the landscape

Do you speak another language and what was your biggest challenge when learning it?

I’m currently learning Spanish at the local community college. The biggest challenge is finding native speakers of Spanish to speak with. I think it’s really important for any language teacher to experience the other side of the classroom.

Which class are you teaching at the moment?

I am teaching the intermediate class who are a great bunch. Everyone is really friendly and well motivated to learn, and are a  pleasure to teach

Please tell us about a student in your class who you feel has made outstanding progress…

I have had a young Japanese student in my class for the last two weeks. He is a great student and works very hard at developing his language skills. He has made amazing progress in the very short time that he has been here, and is a real inspiration to the other classmates and I.

What do you most enjoy about teaching at GV Byron Bay?

I like that the school is small and very friendly community of teachers and students who are supportive of one another. I also enjoy the activities that the school puts on after class. Things like kayaking and surfing are really valuable in bringing the whole school together and helps us all bond more closely with one another.

If you weren’t a teacher, what job do you think you would be doing now?

I would be producing websites.

What do you like most about living in Byron Bay?

Well, like I’m sure everyone says, the beach and the environment. That, and I find people in Byron to be very friendly.

What is your favourite café, restaurant, shop or place in Byron?

My favourite café is “Ate” which is a small café in Bangalow, the vibe and the food are great.

Thanks James. Welcome to the team.

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