Greetings from Colombia!! We miss you too Simon!!

Simon, who studied with us for six months here at GV Byron, sent us this lovely message on the weekend! I wanted to pass it on to all the teachers and students as I know we all remember Simon very fondly!

I just went over some pictures, some memories and GV’s blog… I’m about to cry! I miss you soooooo much. I’ll do anything to go back in time! Now, I’m studying really hard and distributing my time in many responsibilities including work, which I’ve never done before here… Can you believe I am an English teacher now jeje

Please… send my most sincerely regards to Justin, Ginny, Angie and off course to you… and your daughter shhhhhhh (kidding).

Thank you for everything Becks… You are super cool and I miss you very much! I hope to see you again some time…


Simón Barrera

Great to hear from you again Simon and amazed and pleased to hear that you are now an English Teacher!! Good for you!!

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