Byron Bay Jobs…..


15-20hrs per week. Send resume to or phone 0412 668 776


Casual position. Must have own transport. Send resume to


Come in with resume.


Please forward CV to


Phone 0421 195 997


Resumes to:


Daily morning clean plus food prep.

Welcome James!!

Today I caught up with the newest member of the team. James!

How long have you been teaching at GV Byron Bay and what did you do before you worked here?

I have been here for a month which has been great!  Before I came here I was working for another language school in Sydney. I came to Byron because it’s a great lifestyle, the beach, the weather and the general natural beauty of the landscape

Do you speak another language and what was your biggest challenge when learning it?

I’m currently learning Spanish at the local community college. The biggest challenge is finding native speakers of Spanish to speak with. I think it’s really important for any language teacher to experience the other side of the classroom.

Which class are you teaching at the moment?

I am teaching the intermediate class who are a great bunch. Everyone is really friendly and well motivated to learn, and are a  pleasure to teach

Please tell us about a student in your class who you feel has made outstanding progress…

I have had a young Japanese student in my class for the last two weeks. He is a great student and works very hard at developing his language skills. He has made amazing progress in the very short time that he has been here, and is a real inspiration to the other classmates and I.

What do you most enjoy about teaching at GV Byron Bay?

I like that the school is small and very friendly community of teachers and students who are supportive of one another. I also enjoy the activities that the school puts on after class. Things like kayaking and surfing are really valuable in bringing the whole school together and helps us all bond more closely with one another.

If you weren’t a teacher, what job do you think you would be doing now?

I would be producing websites.

What do you like most about living in Byron Bay?

Well, like I’m sure everyone says, the beach and the environment. That, and I find people in Byron to be very friendly.

What is your favourite café, restaurant, shop or place in Byron?

My favourite café is “Ate” which is a small café in Bangalow, the vibe and the food are great.

Thanks James. Welcome to the team.

Can you see what I see?

Spring seems to be here with some wonderfully warm and beautiful days. To celebrate this (and of course to try to see any Whales that might be lurking) we went up to the lighthouse.

The lighthouse tour is always really fun. We get to go inside the actual lighthouse and the tour guides are typically funny Aussies. And.. we saw Whales! Yay!


All students with a Working Visa require a tax file number to work in Australia. Please bring your passport to the activity desk to apply for one.

Part time: Experienced chef or cook with Asian food knowledge, evening weekends. 0421 480 111

Exp Italian Cook: Required for Italian restaurant in Bryon Bay. Email resume to

Casual qualified chef and professional waiters required for 1 Hat restaurant. Must have experience in a similar role. email:

Waiters: Part time – Upmarket restaurant. Email resumes to

Barista: Well presented person with at least two years experience. Fwd resume and cover letter to:

Chef required for a busy Byron Cafe. Phn: 6680 9979.

Casual Bar Staff wanted. RSA and RCG essential. Apply at

Au Revoir Claire! We will miss you…

Today, very sadly Claire is leaving us.

She has been a great student whose English has come along  really well over the last six weeks. She has been a real inspiration to us all here at GV, with her constant smile and willingness to partake well in class and in our activities..

I caught up with her briefly before she left and this is what she had to say….

“Hi I’m Claire, from France. Toulouse. In France I go to high school, and am studying science.”

What did you do back at home and what made you decide to come to Australia?

I really wanted to come to Australia because I wanted to see and experience Australia and Byron Bay. I had heard great things about Byron especially how attractive it is. Of course, I also wanted to improve my English, and what better way to do that than in a wonderful beachside town.

How long have you been at GV Byron and what are you studying?

I was here for my summer holidays, six weeks in total. I am currently in the General English Intermediate class. I really like my class, my teacher Andrew is really good. I think he’s a good teacher, he’s funny, he’s very attentive, we really speak a lot in class and practice the language points we study. I have to say in comparison to my English teachers in France, he is really really good.

What do you plan to do when you have completed your studies with us?

Sadly… I have to go home and back to school.

What has been the single best moment that you have experienced since you joined GV Byron?

I have really liked meeting students from all around the world. The classroom environment has been great too. The beach, the surf, (I’m becoming a great surfer!!!) and the relaxed lifestyle.

What is your favourite place in Byron?

Of course.. the beach.

I‘d also like to say that I have had a really cool time here. People are very relaxed and not so worried about the time, just more concerned about enjoying their life. This is a good change from France for me. I have really enjoyed meeting all of the different people. The school in general is a nice place, I’m happy here and feel very confident to speak and enjoy myself. I really feel my English has improved, and the activities have been fun. The circus was AMAZING!!!

and the dancing never ends…

After lasts week very succesful hip hop training the students requested that we do some Zumba! Not only are we getting great at English, but our dance moves are amazing!

Japanese cooking with Mori & Yuka!

Yum Yum Yum!! Japanese curry cooked by Mori and Yuka on Monday tantalised all of our taste buds! Can’t wait to have it again. Thanks guys!

Ellen’s Hippie Hoppy Hip Hop Class!

Today we got to have GV’s very own student Ellen teach us all a fantastic Hip Hop routine.

Lots and lots of laughs! Thanks Ellen! 🙂

Tortilla Delight

The wonderful Saleta delighted and tantalised our taste buds by creating a fantastic Spanish Tortilla.

She tells me that the Northern Spanish Octopus meal is far better, but sadly we couldn’t find the right sized octopus!! Thanks for cooking for us.. as you can see we loved it!

Stand up paddle boarding!!

Our Junior TAP guys had a whale of a time paddle boarding. A great day was had by all..


As advertised in the Echo 10/08/2010


Federal Community Children’s Centre 10hrs per week between 6 -8am

Ph Annie: 0266884371 or Email:


Register at


Meet with a Japanese expat and have conversations in English $15ph 2/3 hours per week in Byron 0434892131.


3yrs retail experience a must. Please email photo resume to :


Busy Byron Cafe ph: 02 66809979


Please send resume to


Native French speaker needed to support our European Customer Service Team.  Please email resume to or phone 0266807444

Current jobs available

The following are some Australian websites to search for jobs:
Experienced Barista required at busy Byron Cafe. Ph Rick 0411 367 350

Poinciana Cafe: Dishwasher/ Cleaner. Part time position available fora capable hardworking individual in busy Mullumbimby cafe. Call 6680 4036

Experienced waiters wanted part-time for upmarket restaurant. Email resumes to

Beach Soccer!!

The weather has been wonderful recently, beautiful days, crystal blue skies and gorgeous sunsets…

all of which means… it’s BEACH SOCCER time again. We had a lot of fun on the beach and Kate proved to us for once and all that she is the soccer queen, much to Eduardo’s surprise!! Zac, as always, was a wonderful addition to the team (although no one is quite sure which team he was playing for!) and made us all laugh with his ball skills.
Good on you guys.. see you next week for round two!

Tye Dye Fun!!

There are many many wonderful things about living in Byron… and of course one of those is all of the colourful people who live here.

This afternoon we spent some time trying to look like a “local” by making Tye Dye shirts… very successfully it would seem!

The results speak for themselves..

Farewell Guys… Thanks for all the memories

We very sadly had to say goodbye to our first Junior Study tour on Friday.

This was a really succesful tour and we all really had a lot of fun getting to know them. We did various things from Kayaking, to surfing, to going to the circus, to dancing to … well anything you can imagine! And.. of course.. we learnt lots of ENGLISH!!

Thanks guys for being such a wonderful and positive part of the school.

We wish you all the best and look forward to seeing you again..

Ice cream anyone?

On a beautiful Friday afternoon for the last day of our junior Japanese school group tour the ice cream truck dropped round!


It’s Christmas In July!!

To brighten up everyone’s day last week we had a mid-winter Xmas.  It was pretty wild weather outside and so the treasure hunt was a unique experience!

The chocolate game was a real winner with Marie and Ellen partaking with full gusto! Merry mid-winter Xmas everyone!!

Greetings from Colombia!! We miss you too Simon!!

Simon, who studied with us for six months here at GV Byron, sent us this lovely message on the weekend! I wanted to pass it on to all the teachers and students as I know we all remember Simon very fondly!

I just went over some pictures, some memories and GV’s blog… I’m about to cry! I miss you soooooo much. I’ll do anything to go back in time! Now, I’m studying really hard and distributing my time in many responsibilities including work, which I’ve never done before here… Can you believe I am an English teacher now jeje

Please… send my most sincerely regards to Justin, Ginny, Angie and off course to you… and your daughter shhhhhhh (kidding).

Thank you for everything Becks… You are super cool and I miss you very much! I hope to see you again some time…


Simón Barrera

Great to hear from you again Simon and amazed and pleased to hear that you are now an English Teacher!! Good for you!!