A special treat!

Fe, who has been with us for four months, dazzled us all with her amazing skills in the kitchen. She cooked us a beautiful meal…called Moqueca with Farofa! (I’m told that Moqueca is the fish part and Farofa is the side dish..)

Fe very kindly has given me the recipe to this delicious and wonderful meal. It was so good that lots of the students have asked me for the recipe so that they can cook this at home!!

For the Moquecca:

4 Onions, 4 Tomatoes, 4 Green, red yellow capsicum,

1.5 kilos of fish (We used Salmon)

Olive oil

Paprika, dash of salt

One bunch of spring onions and a sprig of parsley

2 cans of coconut milk.

Cut  all of the vegetables up and deseed. Marinate the fish in lemon juice with salt for at least an hour. Place oil in the base of a pan. Layer the onion capsicum and tomato and parsley and then lie the fish on top.  Mix herbs and garlic and put a liberal dash of olive oil on top. Repeat this. Leave to steam until almost cooked, then place coconut cream into the pan. Heat until almost boiled. (Season to taste)


4 packets of cream crackers, onion, garlic, 200 grams of olives and butter.

break the crackers into crumbs. Place butter, onion and garlic into pan until lightly browned. Add crumbs and mix place olives into mixture.


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