Sergio’s travels !

As part of our regular General English classes we ask our students to reflect on their lives in and around Byron… This is Sergio from Spain’s story! Thanks!

There are so many awesome places where you can travel to in Australia and especially near Byron Bay

I’ve been in Aussie for three months now and have been to lots of different places! Some of my favourites have been Lennox Head (except when we had that crazy water day), Nimbin, Gold Coast and Fraser Island.  Each place has had its own special meaning to me, and almost everywhere is beautiful.

I want to talk about a funny trip I had the other week. My friends and I rented a “Byron Juicy Camper” with GPS. After an hour or two, the GPS stopped working. Of course.. we got totally lost! But, luckily, Australia is quite easy to drive around as once you find a highway, then is only one way to go and you can work it out really easily!!! We were all laughing at this…

One of my favourite things to do in Byron Bay is ride my bike around the town. There are some great places to visit and see all over Byron. Going up to the lighthouse (phew!!!!!) is hard work, but once you get there it’s so pretty. We even saw some whales the other day. That was so special! I’ve never seen a whale before… and it was a memory I will treasure forever!

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