A quick guide to report writing for the FCE Exam!

A report includes the introduction, main body, recommendation.

Before writing

Plan, plan, plan! Make sure you spend the first few minutes really planning your report. Make sure that you have covered the key points, the introduction, main body and a recommendation..


This needs to be clear and simple. Straight to the point and helps the reader know what you will be discussing in the report..


State the aim of your report.

Make sure you mention where you got the information from.

Main body

–  Remember, headings and using listing/ numbering points make it much easier to read.

When you write make sure that you use a wide variety of phrases and write in an impersonal way. For example. “All those who responded believe that this would be….”

Make sure that all of your ideas are factual. This is not a story or a letter so using extreme adjectives is not required here.

Conclusion and recommendation

Only give the recommendations at the end.

Make a generalized point of view, not a detailed argument in this section.

Formal language only!.

Useful language

You have to make sure that your language is formal.


– The aim of this report is to…

– In order to prepare this report…

Reporting findings

– The main problem was that…

– Several people said/told me/suggested/thought that…

– It appears that…

-Not surprisingly

Making recommendations

– All things considered….

-We have no hesitation in recommending….

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