Work work work!!!

Baby Sitter: Wanted to look after 2 boys aged 12 and 7 at Wategoes Beach, must have drivers license and be creative and fun. $16 per hour cash. Apply by email to:

IMovie and Mac expert with interest in making short films wanted to teach film making techniques to 12 year old boy based in Wategoes. $25 cash. Suit advanced film student. Apply by email to:

Chef experienced, wanted to cook creative vegan and seafood dishes for family of 4, living in Wategoes beach, must have drivers license, approx 4 hours a day, 5 days a week. $25 per hour cash. Apply by email to:

Childcare: Must be flexible and reliable with car. 3 days/ week. Ph 6684 0256

What’s on in Byron this week!

Screenworks are hosting a talk fest with the writer/ director of Animal Kingdom, a movie that is being widely spoken about within Australia. David Michod, the writer/ director will be guest speaking at the Dendy Byron Bay Cinemas from 4pm on Sunday the 4th of July. If you would like a free ticket email Include the subject header “I’m an animal”

Cornerstone roots: The original sounding roots band from Raglan, New Zealand with music that is message orientated, bass driven, soul induced … the quiet stalwarts of Kiwi reggae for the past nine years. These guys will be playing at the Byron Bay Brewery Buddha Bar on Saturday. Tickets are $16 pre bought, or $20 on the night! I highly recommend these guys, I have personally seen them in NZ a few times and they are wicked live act.

Zahlu and the Alchemists of Sound. Described as ” Infectious rocking power grooves fused with insightful conscious lyrics. Cosmic metal riffs with soaring guitar solos. Emotive magnetic melodies fused with droplets of psychedelic, eastern, roots and tribal music” from their myspace page, this sounds like a great night out on. Catch them Thursday night at the Beach Hotel from 9pm Thursday night.

Ahoy Whales!!

This afternoon we went up the lighthouse to do the tour.This is always an interesting experience as the tour guides are both informed about Byron’s history and also very funny!

The afternoon shaped up into a lovely day after we got there. Incredibly enough there were quite a few whales, which you can see the very top of in one of the photos!

Good fun was had by all… Don’t forget guys.. surfing today!

artsCape Biennial 2010!!

This is a great week for art on the beach. The beachfront in Byron will be displaying art sculptures from local, national and international artists.

Check out:

“artsCape Biennial”, is an exhibition of environmental sculpture situated within the beautiful beachside parklands in the heart of Byron Bay. It is a free 16 day outdoor sculpture event. Get down to the beach this weekend and check it out!  There is an offical opening for artsCape at the Beach Hotel on Sunday afternoon at 2pm. See you all there!


This weeks Jobs:

Experienced cleaner: Required for small tourist facility, well presented, experience essential. Phone 0422 036 770

Experienced wait staff required: Italian restaurant at the Pacific. Phn 0412 199 710.

Short order breakfast cook: For bust Byron Cafe. Must have passion and experience. Ph 6685 6810

Grill Cook wanted: Capable person to work breakfast and lunch shifts. Good pan skills essential. Poinciana Cafe Mullumbimby. Phn: 6684 4036

SkyDive Byron Bay: Sales and operations oppertunity.Skydive Byron Bay is looking for a passionate, vibrant and dependable personality to join their team. 7 day availability required. email

Don’t forget! The GV Byron Work shop is on again this Tuesday and Thursday with Andrew. Go along to learn all the skills you need to have in order to get a job in Australia!

Flamenco anyone?

One of our Spanish students is an incredibly talented flamenco singer who I had the great fortune of listening to on Saturday night. Sergio is going to play again, at the Buddha Bar on Monday night from 6pm. I highly recommend that we all go down and watch him and his “right handed” flamenco guiaritst.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to hear some brilliant music.

Will see you there Sergio!

Upcoming events!

Thinking of doing other things aside from walking down the beautiful beaches, watching the whales and dolphins and enjoying the beautiful winter in Byron?

Check out:

The Lennox Head Gromfest.

This the world’s original and best gathering of young surfing talent with all of Australia’s best and many young internationals confirmed in the line-up.

Check out : for more details.

Study tips…

With our IELTS class kicking off this coming Monday I thought I’d just go through a couple of ideas on “good study practises” to help you make the most of your time here with us at GV Byron Bay.


As you will have heard constantly from Andrew, Ginny, Angie and I,  brainstorming is the key to success with any kind of academic language use. It helps focus you and prepares you for the topic. There are also some other great advantages to brainstorming; such as helping enforce co-operation between students (which is really useful language practise too!) and it helps in energizing the classroom, which is better than having a coffee sometimes!

Make sure you allocate a certain amount of time for your brainstorming. In the IELTS exam, for task 2, 5-7 minutes is enough. Write down your key ideas. Then try to organise your ideas by paragraphs. Don’t write sentences, just write down the key words. Once you have come up with enough key ideas, try to think of associated vocabulary around the topic. Remember, the better your vocabulary, the better your grade.

Practise, practise, practise..Brainstorming is a critical skill in order for you  to get the best possible outcome from your exam. Even a very educated native speaker will always brainstorm before attempting any kind of formal essay. So I can’t encourage you enough to do the same!

Bec’s and the amazing “Body Pump”

The forever multi-talented and exceptional Bec’s took some of the students down for a hard “Body Pump” class.

Just one of the many hundreds of things that Bec’s is incredible at! Thanks a lot!!

Italian cooking anyone?

Teacher Carla today gave us the benefit of her expertise and cooked an absolutely fantastic meal for all the students.

Thanks for all your hard work Carla. I know you were up half the night preparing it for us all. Amazing! From all of us a huge thankyou.

Market day

The General English classes headed down to the markets to do some “Out and About” English practise. Practising all of their hard learnt English on the locals!

It was a beautiful day and it’s always a great time meeting all the local farmers with their delicious produce.

Farewell and thanks!

We had a wonderful day on Friday, saying goodbye to some of our great friends and the Cambridge classes.

There were some brilliant moments, a great BBQ and some incredible singing! Thanks everyone for making it so much fun over the last few months. You will always be in our hearts!


This weeks jobs are….

Experienced Barista required at Busy Byron Cafe. Phn Rick 0411 367 350

Green Rocket Cleaners. Casual exp cleaners, must have own car. Mon- Fri. No travellers. 66884777

Don’t forget to go along to next weeks GV Workshop to perfect all of the skills you need in order to get a job in Australia.

Writers Festival

It is coming  to that time of the year when internationally famou\s writers from around the world descend on Byron Bay. This year one of the guest stars is Brett Easton Ellis, the author who wrote, Less than Zero and American Pyscho.

The festival always needs volunteers, and I know several of our students have already registered to help out in the festival in what is bound to be a really interesting experience… this is a just a little reminder for you guys to get in touch now! Please read the below information provided by the writers festival.


The Festival would not be possible without our brilliant crew of volunteers and we’re very proud of their track record. It is largely due to their unfailing willingness, courtesy and hard work that the Festival has earned its reputation as a friendly, relaxed and well-run event.

Volunteering at the Byron Bay Writers Festival is an enjoyable experience. Festival volunteers meet happy people, make new friends and absorb fresh challenges. It’s rewarding, it’s stimulating and it’s fun.

Volunteers fill a wide range of roles including administration, venue and event supervision, ushering and ticket checking, driving writers about, hospitality and site maintenance.

If you have registered and have an enquiry please email

Best of luck to our Cambridge Exam students!

All the best for our FCE and CAE students today!

Our FCE & CAE students have the speaking component of the test this morning and afternoon, and we would like to wish them good luck!

Next week they’ll all be finishing this enriching experience when they complete the other sections of the test (reading, writing, use of English and listening).

You’ve learned a lot and immensely improved your level of English over the last 1!2 weeks! You’ve worked really hard, so now relax and do your best!

We really wish you all the best and are sure that becuase of the amazing amount of hard work that you have all put into the preperation that you will do really


A quick guide to report writing for the FCE Exam!

A report includes the introduction, main body, recommendation.

Before writing

Plan, plan, plan! Make sure you spend the first few minutes really planning your report. Make sure that you have covered the key points, the introduction, main body and a recommendation..


This needs to be clear and simple. Straight to the point and helps the reader know what you will be discussing in the report..


State the aim of your report.

Make sure you mention where you got the information from.

Main body

–  Remember, headings and using listing/ numbering points make it much easier to read.

When you write make sure that you use a wide variety of phrases and write in an impersonal way. For example. “All those who responded believe that this would be….”

Make sure that all of your ideas are factual. This is not a story or a letter so using extreme adjectives is not required here.

Conclusion and recommendation

Only give the recommendations at the end.

Make a generalized point of view, not a detailed argument in this section.

Formal language only!.

Useful language

You have to make sure that your language is formal.


– The aim of this report is to…

– In order to prepare this report…

Reporting findings

– The main problem was that…

– Several people said/told me/suggested/thought that…

– It appears that…

-Not surprisingly

Making recommendations

– All things considered….

-We have no hesitation in recommending….

Sergio’s travels !

As part of our regular General English classes we ask our students to reflect on their lives in and around Byron… This is Sergio from Spain’s story! Thanks!

There are so many awesome places where you can travel to in Australia and especially near Byron Bay

I’ve been in Aussie for three months now and have been to lots of different places! Some of my favourites have been Lennox Head (except when we had that crazy water day), Nimbin, Gold Coast and Fraser Island.  Each place has had its own special meaning to me, and almost everywhere is beautiful.

I want to talk about a funny trip I had the other week. My friends and I rented a “Byron Juicy Camper” with GPS. After an hour or two, the GPS stopped working. Of course.. we got totally lost! But, luckily, Australia is quite easy to drive around as once you find a highway, then is only one way to go and you can work it out really easily!!! We were all laughing at this…

One of my favourite things to do in Byron Bay is ride my bike around the town. There are some great places to visit and see all over Byron. Going up to the lighthouse (phew!!!!!) is hard work, but once you get there it’s so pretty. We even saw some whales the other day. That was so special! I’ve never seen a whale before… and it was a memory I will treasure forever!

Positions Vacant

Munch juice Bar – Require experienced short order cook, 3 shifts per week progressing to full-time for the right applicant, please come in with resume.  Shop 4 / 8 Bayshore Drive, Sunrise, Byron Bay.

Casual  Florist or Trainee required. Please forward resume to:

Market Food Van – Good, reliable worker wanted to cook, clean and take orders, own transport, prefer female, experienced in fast food. Phone 66876678 or 0409431906