Student reflections on our Cambridge courses.

I caught up today with some of our FCE and CAE students and this is what they had to say about studying at GV Byron..

Hi Akane, why are you doing the CAE program?

I thought the CAE class would be a very focused and difficult classs which would push my English skills to their limit and really make me work hard to improve all areas of my language skills.

Why are you doing it in Australia?

I had heard many good things about Australia, it is a very different life than the one I knew in Japan and so I wanted to come to Australia to see how I felt about it,  and to see whether  what I had heard was true or not. I had also made some Australian friends in Japan, and they recommended that I come to Byron.

What will you use your CAE course towards?

I think that this course will help my life in a few different ways. Firstly it  is good for my general English ability but also the CAE is recognized in many countries around the world and could be useful for future opportunities.

Do you enjoy the CAE course at Global Village Byron Bay?

Yes! Very much.. The classrooms are nice, the environment is nice. But, honestly, it’s mainly about my teacher Ginny. I have a lot of respect for her, she makes the classes interesting, her knowledge of English teaching is really impressive and she is, more than anything else, a very nice, warm funny woman.

What do you like most about studying in Byron Bay?

The life in Byron Bay. By that I mean, I find the life quite different here  than the life I lead in Japan. In Japan, things are very regimented and fixed. Here I find things to have a more relaxed feel about them, the people are quite open and approachable. I feel like it’s a bit of an adventure living here, and I really wanted that feeling before I came to Byron.

Hi Tanja..

Why are you doing the FCE program?

Hmm. I’m trying to get better in English and it’s good for my job in Switzerland. I’m an office worker and I will have much better chances to get a better job and earn more money!! Also, I just want to do it for me, because I like English!

Why are you doing it in Australia?

I went to America, and it wasn’t much fun, as I wasn’t 21 and I wasn’t treated as an adult. My best friend was based in Australia, and said it was a great place to be. I talked about this with my father and he also said that he thought Australia would be a good place as there aren’t many opportunities to live this kind of life.

What will you use your FCE course towards?

To get a better job, and of course English is an important language. It’s useful, and it helps me communicate with.. well… the WORLD!

Do you enjoy the FCE course at Global Village Byron Bay?

Of course! It’s a nice place, the people are very helpful. My teacher, Andrew, is really helpful with the preparation for the exam and I have found that I have learnt lots of vocabulary that is really useful!

What do you like most about studying in Byron Bay?

The people are really helpful, it’s very different than Switzerland. People talk to you a lot and I never really feel alone. The climate is great and of course…. the beach! .

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