If I were rich and famous for a week…..

In this weeks Upper-Intermediate classes we have been writing stories about our dreams and desires and what we would do if…..

Michela from Italy wrote this lovely piece which really made us all smile and so I thought I should share it with you all.. Thanks Michela, I hope your dreams come true!!!

If I were rich and famous for one week I would….

I would travel to as many places around the world as I could. I would visit New Zealand, Hollywood, Paris (with a boy on a romantic trip!) New York, Rio, where I would learn to Samba! I would go to Disneyland and above all I would go to California because I have been told that California is a very gorgeous and beautiful place to be.

I would also like to but a Villa on the beach in Byron Bay, one my village in Italy and one other in another country. Inside my villas there will be several enormous swimming pools, saunas, waiters, chefs, cleaners and a huge TV in the living room. We will have lots of parties with “free entry” for everybody and endless amounts of caviar, champagne and plenty of pizza!!!

I will also appear in all the magazines and newspapers and I will act in a new film which will be produced by me, with Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom and Brad Pitt staring in it. The film will be titled
everybody is Crazy about Michele”

We will go out in a limousine which has inside of it a mini-bar and a handsome boy who will serve me with sweet cocktails with strawberries and cream. I will buy a convertible Ferrari and a lot of dresses, one of which will be a tailor made Valentino.

I would also like to try many extreme sports in the best places in the world to do this. I will offer many drinks to my friends and we’ll all go together to the best clubs in the world. Moreover, I will give a little bit of my money to charity! I would also like to buy many famous artworks to decorate my house. On the last day of my rich week I will have a mega-party with all of the friends I have in the world where Robbie Williams will sing live to us all.

At the end of this time I will wake up from this wonderful dream….. and I will cry cry cry!!!

Thanks for sharing!

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  1. It would be lovely to be able to visit the places you’ve always dreamed of. Do the things you never got to do because of money constraints. Wow, it would be an amazing week if I were rich and famous.

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