Goodbye Bock and all the best!!

We had to say goodbye to Bock today and as usual it is with very mixed feelings. Bock has been a real inspiration to us all. His charm humour and willingness to get involved with every aspect of school life and Byron life has been wonderful. Thanks so much for visiting us here in Byron it has been great!!!

Please tell us a little bit about yourself and where you are from…

I’m Bock, from South Korea, Ansan which is a medium sized city.

What did you do back at home and what made you decide to come to Australia?

In Korea I was studying Microbiology in order to become scientist. I came to Australia and in particular Byron Bay because Korea is a small country and I wanted to experience a big country and I had heard that Byron was full of good beaches and good people.

How long have you been at GV Byron and what are you studying?

I have been at GV Byron for ten weeks and have been studying in the General English program. I have loved the experience because before I came here I didn’t expect to make so many friends with so many people from overseas and to meet such amazing teachers who I had a lot of fun with, and I also learnt lots in a beautiful surrounding. I really enjoyed learning which I have to say is the first time in my life!

What do you plan to do when you have completed your studies with us?

I am off to Bundaberg tomorrow to pick fruit!! Should be fun I hope!!

What has been the single best moment that you have experienced since you joined GV Byron?

The best thing is that I have made lots of friends and had really good teachers whom I will keep in touch with!

What is your favourite place in Byron?

School!! Of course!! Haha..

Thanks Bock. It’s been great to get to know you. We will all miss you and look forward to seeing you on your way back!

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