New Years Eve… Check out….

Wondering what to do for your New Years Celebration? Check out…..

The Beach Hotel. Entrance Fee $100. Live music, food and drinks.

The Rails: Entrance $50. Live music, food and drinks.

The Treehouse – Belongil Beach: entrance $45 for early birds or $50 on the night. 2 Dj’s, 2 Live music acts, free pizza till 10pm.

Suffolk Park Pub:  Entrance Free!!

Enjoy, and a have a brilliant night!

Holiday English Tips with Becky

Are looking for ways to improve your English over the holiday break? Becky, the Director of Studies at our Noosa campus, has passed on some ideas that will help.

GV Noosa's Director of Studies, Becky chatting to some students

Students always ask me how they can improve their English over the holiday break. Here are some ideas.

• Christmas cards.
• Newspapers – local papers are delivered free to every house. keep a ‘new vocabulary’ log-write and down every new word you read
• Magazines and junk mail (also free)
• Borrow a book or two from our library or join the local library – it is free!
• Read the subtitles on your favourite movies

• Keep a holiday diary
• Christmas cards and/or happy new year cards
• Write on your facebook in English and impress your friends

• Movies- always great new films out at Christmas time
• Carol concerts- check your free local paper
• Christmas CDs

• Australians love to chat – start up a conversation with the person next to you on the bus/beach/supermarket queue/bus stop
• Sing Christmas songs with your friends
• Go to a Karaoke Bar
• Check out Website: and join a volunteer group

Lastly, don’t forget the great interactive CD Rom that comes with your student text book. Catch up on all those lessons you missed!

Have a great holiday break everyone and remember: Use it or lose it!

Hmmm…. Rum Balls!

On Monday, we created a famous Australian Christmas Dessert – Rum Balls!

Some people’s recipes differ, but there are some ingredients that are always the same. They are: coconut, cocoa and RUM!

The batch that we made are going to be enjoyed at tomorrow’s Student Christmas Party! A big thanks to Simon, Jane, Maria, Marc, Olivia, Jon and Benjamin for all your help!

Beaches at Byron Bay

Planning on getting some surf time in over the Christmas break?  Here’s a quick guide to some of the well-known and not-so-well-known beaches around Byron. 
Byron Bay's Beaches

Byron Bay's Beaches


Byron Bay’s beaches are among some of the best in Australia.  There are approximately 30 km of beaches stretching from Broken Head in the South to Brunswick Heads in the North. The beaches are clean and uncrowded (though you’ll see more people than usual on the more popular beaches at this time of year!).

The best part about beaches here is that no matter where the wind is coming from, there are still opportunities to get out on the water.  This is because the headlands and coast shape makes surfing with offshore winds possible every day.  

Tallow Beach is a long sweeping beach with cosy corner on the Northern end and Broken Head in the South. This is a great place to find your own stretch of beach. Also popular with fisherman, surfers and dolphins. 

Broken Head is a beautiful beach protected by a rainforest headland and a series of rocky headlands. It’s a nice quiet place to relax with great waves with the right swell conditions.


Cosy Corner offers protection from the Northerlies. Facing East, it is also open to catching the biggest of swells.


Wategos is a very picturesque North facing beach popular with Malibu surfers. It is very protected and a great beach for learning how to surf. Its also an ideal place for a barbeque after a refreshing swim or surf. People like Tom Cruise, Richard Branson and Mick Jagger have holidayed here.


The Pass is one of Byron Bay’s more famous surf spots. On a good day, rides of three hundred metres are common. The view from the Pass lookout is sensational and a great place to watch the surfing action.  Don’t forget to take a good camera for action shots.


Clarkes Beach is also well protected – it is an ideal place to learn to surf and good for swimming and relaxing. The snorkeling can also be good here at times.


Main Beach is right in town and very popular with all nationalities because it is so close to everything, including a quick  beer, ice cream or coffee. Byron’s main beach is patrolled  by surf lifesavers through the summer months. It is a great place to get a tan and watch the backpackers at play.

You can check out current surf conditions are all beaches on this Surf Cam

Do you have a favourite beach?  Let us know! 

Postcards from….. Byron!!

Much to our surprise and delight Olivia came back to visit us today. We were all a bit confused as we had said farewell to her last week wishing her luck for the start of her journey around Australia, but it seems that she just missed us and Byron Bay too much!!

How nice to see you again. Can you tell us what you have been doing since you left?

I left three days ago, I went to Brisbane, and had plans to go to the Whitsundays, but I missed Byron and the friends I had made in school so much that I decided to come back so that we can all spend Christmas and my birthday here together.

Please tell us a little bit about yourself and where you are from…

I am Olivia, from the east part of Switzerland, from a tiny mountainous village which has a population of just over a 1000.

What did you do back at home and what made you decide to come to Australia?

Well, at home I am an electrician, which I really like. I came to Australia, because I really wanted to see Byron Bay. I researched Byron a lot on the internet, and when I read about GV in Byron I really liked the idea of a nice school, with a family feel to it.  I also don’t like big cities very much, and Byron has proven to be perfect, as it’s small, friendly and beautiful.

What has been the single best moment that you have experienced since you joined GV Byron?

I met lots of friends from different countries. I liked the time at school, my English improved lots!  I also liked the activities and games that we played in class and outside.

What is your favourite place in Byron?

Tallows beach, near my homestay has to be my pick! I love the sunsets – it’s really nice as there aren’t many people there, it’s not busy like the main beach is.

Thanks Olivia. Really nice that you came in and saw us. We wish you the best birthday and Christmas, here in Byron!!

Patty’s Study Tips – Keep a Study Journal

Patty, the Academic Director for GV Caloundra, has passed on some great study tips to help you get the most out of your time whilst at Global Village.

Patty, the Academic Director for GV Caloundra

Learning a second language can be fun and easy for some but difficult for others. For most of us it doesn’t happen over night and it takes lots of practice.

We all learn differently and have preferred ways of studying but one thing that would really help you improve your English is to keep a study journal. It’s an easy way to monitor your progress. It allows you to assess what works and doesn’t work for you and it makes you take responsibility for your learning.

I am sure you have your own ideas about how you like to study and the types of activities you enjoy doing and don’t enjoy doing.

It is important, however, to think about whether or not you have been successful doing these activities or if you should try something new, if you should use different strategies to help you reach your goal. If you are serious about trying to improve in a particular area you should set an achievable goal and then think about how you are going to do it.

If improving your listening is your goal then think about which area of ‘listening’ you are weakest in.  Do you need to improve; listening for specific information or general ideas? Once you have decided there are many different types of exercises you could do.

(There are even lessons and questions provided if you are interested. This website would probably suit Pre-Intermediate to Intermediate students.)

  • For something a little more challenging you can access the following website for IELTS – listening exercises

(This would be suitable for Intermediate to Advanced students.)

  • Of course, there are fun ways to improve your listening like watching movies, DVDs, (but without subtitles because the purpose is to improve your listening not your reading) and downloading lyrics to popular songs and creating your own gap-fill exercises.

You can use the template below as a starting point. It can be as detailed as you choose it to be.

Remember we are here to help so ask your teacher for some advice!