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This afternoon I caught up with Andre to have a quick chat about his life in Byron Bay.

Justin and Andre

Director of Studies Justin and Andre

Please tell us a little bit about yourself and where you are from…

Hi my name is Andre. I’m from Brazil. I am laid back kind of guy, I like to go out with my friends and do some sports which is why I decided to live in a beach area and Byron Bay is perfect for this!

What did you do back at home and what made you decide to come to Australia?

I have just finished my degree at University in Sao Paulo, studying a Bachelor of Commerce with a major in management. While I was studying I also worked in the marketing area for a steel factory. This was lots of fun and I learned a lot.

How long have you been at GV Byron and what are you studying?

I have been in Byron since the end of August. I am studying the CAE course in GV Byron Bay. This course is really nice and I’m learning a lot, although it’s been quite challenging for me. I’d rather be on the beach sometimes, but in general I have really liked the course and especially my teacher. Daniel has been really nice to me and has helped me a lot.

What do you plan to do when you have completed your studies with us?

After my CAE exam I will go to Sydney and spend about three or four days there. I have already rented a car for a month and I want to do a quick lap around Australia. I want to see as much of Australia as I possibly can before I have to go home.

What has been the single best moment that you have experienced since you joined GV Byron Bay?

Uhm, well that’s hard to say as there have been so many great moments. But, I guess… Well I loved going to the circus and flying with the trapeze, as well as making lots of friends here. In general it has been great fun, and I really want to say thanks to everyone at GV Byron Bay for being so friendly and kind.

What is your favourite place in Byron?

Well, I’m a surfer and I love the beach. My favourite beach in Byron is “The Pass” because it is where there are some great waves.

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