Crab Racing Presentation

As part of the festivities yesterday we had our own version of the Melbourne cup and raced crabs.  Each class had its own crab and presented the “racing form” of each crab to the school. Below is an example of one of the presentations from the CAE class. Thanks to all the classes for putting in so much effort and making it such a fun day.

Mulata Do Samba

Mulata do samba is one of the great race crabs of her time, winning 999 races all around the world. She was bred by Ronaldinho at Carnival farm in Rio de Janerio – Brazil. In her early life she learnt how to Samba as a native Brazilian, which helped her to build the strong legs that carried her on to become a champion in many races. She is very graceful, especially when she is wearing the Brazilian colours.

She is the only crab who has won the Singapore night-race three times and comes to Global Village Race as the favourite crab to take the trophy home.

She was involved in a doping scandal in 2006 when she got arrested during one race in Colombia when illicit substances were found inside her handicap weight sack. However, she was found to be innocent when after an investigation where the narcotic police discovered that the weights had been tampered with just before the race.
CAE preparation class.

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