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Last week in our General English Classes our student reviewed some of their favourite movies…

Movie Title: The Bucket list

The story: This movie is about two men who have different characters, economic states and even skin color. By an accident, they had to share a same room by the rule of the hospital which is there’s no single room or exception, involving the owner of the hospital who is one of two men.

They don’t have enough life to live and they made a bucket list to spent their time in a worthful way and then they started to travel all around world and did what they wanted to. During their trip, they found the real meaning of life. Finally, they became truly friends and one of two died happily.

This movie tries to tell you how much beautiful your life is and what is truly meaningful to you in your lifetime and gives you a chance to reflect your situation for a while.

The characters:   There’re two men who are main characters in the movie. One is Morgan Freeman and the other is Jack Nicholson. As we know, they are great great actors and of course, they did good job in this movie, too.

Best parts of the movie:  Two man did skydiving in the movie and it looked really scary and exciting because it means that even though they’re old physically, but not mentally. They have passion like us, young people, and this true is easy to be ignored by youngsters, so this scene was highly impressive part of all.

Worst parts of the movie : To be honest, this story is unrealistic because we are not afford to do all of the list without an extremely great fortune. Surely, it doesn’t make sense to ordinary people like us.

Conclusion!:  In my opinion, this movie is awesome. If you want to think yourself or be impressed from something, just try !! I’m sure that you’re not going to be sorry ^ ^


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