Exam week!!

This is the final week for our CAE and FCE exam preparation students. You’ve all done so well and worked so hard and we are all impressed with you.

A few quick tips for the last days!

1) Keep on working hard until the day before the exam, and then give yourself time to relax and to remember all the things you’ve learnt.

2) Don’t revise right up until the last moment. Get some sleep, relax and try and put yourself in a good mood.

3) Arrive fresh and ready for the exam. The more relaxed and confident you are the better your chances at getting the grade you have worked hard for.

And finally, a huge GOOD LUCK from all the team here at GV Byron Bay. We’re all rooting for you!

GV People. Daniel.

This week I caught up with Daniel to have a quick chat about life here in Byron.

How long have you been teaching at GV Byron Bay and what did you do before you worked here?

I started working here just under three months ago teaching the Cambridge Advanced English Exam preparation course. Previously to this I was in Taiwan teaching EAP and IELTS preparation courses.

Do you speak another language and what was your biggest challenge when learning it?

Yes, I speak Chinese (Mandarin).

The biggest challenge I have with learning Chinese now that I’m at an Upper Intermediate level is finding time to be consistent in my approach to learning the language.  Normal life seems to take over at points and I sometimes I find that this affects my study patterns!

Which class are you teaching at the moment?

I’m teaching the Cambridge Advanced English exam preparation course.

Please tell us about a student in your class who you feel has made outstanding progress…

This is really hard to say. I have an immense amount of respect for all of my students. They have obviously worked extremely hard to reach the level that they are at now and they have all put in a lot of effort during what is an intensive course. I have been particularly impressed with Urs, especially in regard to his writing. He obviously spends a lot of time thinking about his errors, and trying to correct them, which is the best thing a student can do. But honestly, every single member in the class deserves credit for working so hard and diligently. They’ve been a wonderful bunch and I know that we will all keep in touch.

What do you most enjoy about teaching at GV Byron Bay?

Most…?! Well… The atmosphere here is brilliant. It’s a really friendly personalized school, everyone knows each other well and it’s very caring. I also like the set up of the day, with classes in the morning and then the hour after lunch of taught class with G.I.L. for the final hour.  I like the idea that the students have an hour a day where they can come and ask language issues about the problems that they are having. I think that this is a really helpful and constructive process.

The whole school is really well-organized as well, and there is  great support from the whole team.. so hard to say which one I enjoy the most!!

If you weren’t a teacher, what job do you think you would be doing now?

I guess I’d be a writer or an academic, or alternatively I like the idea of working outdoors.

What do you like most about living in Byron Bay?

Everything in Byron is within easy access, and of course, like everyone, I love the natural environment.

What is your favourite café, restaurant, shop or place in Byron Bay?

(Laughing…) Well, as I guess some of you know.. The Rails!

Listening with Mariana

Mariana, the Director of Studies at GV Brisbane, has put together some valuable information to help students to understand Australians when they speak.

Mariana, GV Brisbane's Director of Studies

Tips to Understand Australians

We know that the Australian accent is slightly different from the one you are probably used to, either American or British English. As soon as non-English speakers arrive in Australia, they notice a difference in pronunciation, vocabulary that is used and expressions.

Here, at Global Village Brisbane, we want you to feel comfortable with the Australian culture, lifestyle and traditions, so every week we’ll post some tips for you to improve your understanding of the Australian world. There will be notes on Aussie slang, expressions, pronunciation, and many more things!

Today, we’ll work on three sounds that are specific to the Aussie accent.

The first one is the diphthong (two vowel sounds) that you can find in the words mind, time, find, which is not /ai/, pronounced at the front of your mouth, but /ai/, pronounced at the back. Click below to hear the British pronunciation of mind, time and find:

Compare it to the Australian pronunciation of mind, time and find to notice the difference.

The other diphthong that changes significantly is the one you can find in words like mate, main, pay, make. Australians don’t pronounce /ei/ as British people do. Australians will say /ai/. So the traditional greeting in Australia “G’day mate!” will be pronounced /gdai mait/ and not /gdei meit/ as a British person would say.

Click below to hear the British pronunciation of the words mate, main, pay, and make:

and compare it to the Australian pronunciation of the words mate, main, pay, and make to notice the difference.

The last pronunciation tip for today is called “intrusive R”. Australians tend to link words with an inexistent R. This only happens if a word finishes in a vowel and the following word starts in a vowel also. For example, in the phrase

“Australia and New Zealand”,

vowel a followed by vowel a

Aussies would say “Australia_r_and New Zealand”. Click below to hear the Australian pronunciation of the “Australia and New Zealandand below here to listen to the British pronunciation of the “Australia and New Zealand to notice the difference.

The “r” that is added is very soft, and it means nothing at all. It’s just pronounced to link the words together.

We hope these tips will help you to sound Australian, and to understand Aussies better when you talk to them in the street!

Have a good day!

Positions Vacant This Week

Experienced Casual Cleaners – Wanted for Byron Bay apartments. Must be able to work weekends. Send Resume to PO Box 1020 Byron Bay , 2481 or fax 6680 947

Casual Cleaner – Needed for cabin cleaning, must be flexible. Phone 0408 405 422

Part-Time Casual – Wanted for Byron Bay street wear store. Retail experience necessary. jobinbyron@gmail.com

Baristas / Bar Staff – Iconic Byron venue is now hiring experienced motivated staff for high volume fast paced team orientated cafe / restaurant. Day and night shifts available. Must have good references. Email CV’s to the Manager, enquiries@byronbeachcafe.com.au

Casual Receptionist – Needed for tourist park, flexible hours. Phone 0408 405 422

Apprentice Chef & Chef – Required for Rails Bistro. Phone Adam 0423 454 773

Masseuse, Healer, Reader – For Byron CBD. Phone 0404 066 707

Fresca Bangalow / Chef – Seeking creative skilled professional to join us. Excellent conditions for successful candidate. Drop CV at Fresca. 6687 1711

Options Class Projects

Over the last two weeks our Upper Intermediate options class have been doing a variety of projects of things they are interested in.

Jun our resident Volleyball champion kicked the presentations off with a powerpoint show about Volleyball. Check out the link below to learn all the inside tips!

If you would to see the original powerpoint, please click here

This afternoon there is a volleyball competition so study up and see you on the beach!

New GV Byron Bay Online Access!

To ensure that you can always remember our different web addresses we’ve made it simple for you.

They can now be accessed through http://www.gvenglish.com by simply typing the site that you would like, followed by the campus. For example: /facebook/byronbay

For our selection of Byron Bay high-resolution photos on Flickr.com, please visit: www.gvenglish.com/flickr/byronbay

To access our facebook community page, please visit: www.gvenglish.com/facebook/byronbay

To see the latest GV Byron Bay videos on Youtube, please visit: www.gvenglish.com/youtube/byronbay

Jobs Available

2 Plumbers trade assistants – required paid by experience for more information call 6685 6340

Casual Retail Position – is available at Heart of the Bay, shop 5, 5-7 Byron Street, Byron Bay. Must have a minimum of 12 months recent experience; be avaliable to work every Saturday and Sunday and be extremely computer savvy. Apply in person to the owner with CV on the weekend. Applications close 30/11/09

Cleaner – Permanent casual required to work between 10am – 2:30pm, Monday – Friday, average 15 hours + occasional weekend hours. Mature lady preferred. Phone 6685 8800

Experienced Casual Cleaners – Wanted for Byron Bay apartments. Must be able to work weekends. Send resume to PO BOx 1020, Byron Bay, 2481 or fax 6680 9477

SPAR – Suffolk Park – 6 experienced shop assistants needed for permanent positions, above award wages. Resumes to smarket@bigpond.net.au or drop off in person.

ORIENT EXPRESS – Experienced waitstaff wanted. Apply in person with CV. Flethcer Street, Byron Bay.

Passionate, Experienced Nail Artist/s – Required for plush NEW Nail Boutique opening in Byron Bay. If you wish to be apart of this exciting new salon. Phone Amiee: 0432 097 994 or forward resume: velvetnails@gmail.com

Paver / Tiler – Immediate start, local area, great pay. Phone Trevor 0431 628 619

2nd or 3rd Year Apprentice Chef – The Urban Bangalow – Fast paced and busy environment, immediate start.                                              Phone Shane 6687 2678

Office Administration Person – Friday and Saturdays Airport Shuttle Company. MYOB an advantage. Phone 0401 622 228





Byron Bay Bluesfest line up announced

This is seriously advanced notice, but long term students should mark their diaries now…April 1 – 5 is the Byron Bay Bluesfest!






The line up this year is amazing – some of the top musical talent in the country.  Crowded House (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AQOlwMKpmvQ ), Jimmy Barnes (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pwIdbN1QW24 ) Jessica Mauboy (http://www.youtube.com/user/jessicamauboy?blend=1&ob=4#p/u/7/kx99fEEN6bs ), Buena Vista Social Club, Jeff Beck, Gipsy Kings, Buddy Guy and much, much more.  In fact, there are over 200 performances over 6 stages.

Tickets are on sale now, so if you are going to be in Byron then, make sure you get yours!

The official website is at http://www.bluesfest.com.au/ .

Hint:  For the ultimate Byron Bay experience, check out the links to volunteer at the Festival. Students who did it in 2009 report that it was absolutely WILD.

GV people – Ginny.

This morning I spoke to our brilliant teacher Ginny about teaching at GV and Byron Bay.

How long have you been teaching at GV Byron Bay and what did you do before you worked here?

I’ve been working here at GV Byron Bay for the last ten weeks. Before that I worked at the Southern Cross University teaching IELTS for the last 9 years.

Do you speak another language and what was your biggest challenge when learning it?

I speak a little French (badly!). I really enjoy learning another language and find it really useful when helping my students come to terms with English as I can put myself in their position. I find French grammar really hard, and I seem to always confuse the masculine and feminine forms… which leads to some funny moments!

Which class are you teaching at the moment?

I’m teaching the Cambridge First Certificate Course. I really enjoy it and my class is such a pleasure to teach. It’s a great environment here, and with the small classes I have had the chance to really help develop the students’ language which has been a real bonus.

Please tell us about a student in your class who you feel has made outstanding progress…

That’s a hard one. They are all such lovely people and are all trying so hard. If I was to pick one, I guess I’d have to say Carla. Carla has improved significantly over the past few weeks. She has worked really hard to improve her vocabulary and reading skills and it has been exciting to be on journey with her as she really comes to terms with the language.

What do you most enjoy about teaching at GV Byron Bay?

That’s easy. My fantastic class and the great teachers I work with.

If you weren’t a teacher, what job do you think you would be doing now?

Hmmm.. well.. I have always wanted to be a singer!

What do you like most about living in Byron Bay?

Byron Bay is famous for its beautiful natural environment and I love it here for that. One of my favourite things in the world is walking on the beach in the mornings and evenings. It’s so beautiful.

What is your favourite café, restaurant, shop or place in Byron ?

My favourite café/ restaurant has to easily be the Red Hot and Green. The food is simply divine. My favourite place is Brays Beach which is gorgeous.

Byron Bay Links

So, you’ve been to the beach, spent a couple of nights at Cheeky Monkeys and enjoyed the odd beer or two down at the Beach Hotel….and, of course, you’ve been locked away working on your homework each night.  It might be time to learn a bit more about all the things to do here in Byron!


Check out these sites for some great background information on Byron…

Byron E-Guide

Byron Bay Tourism Official Site

Byron Bay Beach Guide

Live Webcam

Byron Bay Blog

Things to do at sea

Things to do on land

Things for the mind and body

All the markets in the Byron region

Do you have other links?  Let us know!

New Courses for the New Year!

If you are continuing your study into the new year, and if you are thinking of moving into an academic preparation program, please speak to Justin to reserve your place.


In January 2010, we will be running the following courses:

Cambridge Exam Courses

These are general English exams. The certificates never expire and are recognised by around the world by employers, universities and government ministries as proof of ability to use English. The exams are held on the same days all around the world in March, June and December. Computer Based testing is now being introduced and extra exam dates are available in July/August.

Students are required to sit an entry test to confirm their level. The exams offered at GV Byron Bay are:

  • FCE                             Upper Intermediate Level
  • CAE                            Advanced Level.

The exams take place in Byron and the Gold Coast over two days and consist of five papers; Listening, reading, writing, speaking and use of English.

The courses are intensive full time (25 hours per week) and run for:

  • 10 weeks January to March
  • 12 weeks March to June
  • 8 weeks June to August
  • 12 weeks September to December

IELTS Examination Course

This is a 12 week course designed to prepare students to sit the International English Language Testing System, which is designed to assess the language ability of candidates who wish to study at an Australian university or college,  or apply for permanent residency.

The exams take place on one day and there are four papers;  listening, reading, writing and speaking.  The result will consist of a score in each of the four skills (listening, reading, writing, speaking) which is then averaged to give the Overall Band Score or final mark.  Performance is rated in each skill on a scale of 9 to 1. To study at an Australian University, an overall score of 6.5 is usually required.

The certificates are only valid for two years.

Students are required to sit a pre test. A level of around 4.5 ( intermediate) is required for entry.

Interested?  Drop in and speak to Justin  as soon as you can

Snorkelling in Byron Bay

Have you tried snorkelling off Byron Bay?
Emi's Photo of a school of fish

Emi's Photo of a school of fish









Snorkelling schools expedition

Snorkelling schools expedition

Byron Bay holds a few secret snorkelling spots which students from the school have recently discovered.  

A surprising amount of fish can be seen not far from shore. Wobbengongs, clown fish and butterbream were amongst the species seen on a recent trip.

 On previous trips, turtle have been spotted….much to the delight of the crew.

If you go out for a snorkel, make sure you pass on any photos that you take!  This is a great time of year to get into snorkelling..the water temperature will be great for swimming now for the next 6 months!

Roll Up, Roll Up.. Its Circus Time!!!

There was fun to be had at Circus Arts with the students soaring through the air on the high-flying trapeze.

excitement was in the air as we left for Circus Art at the Byron Entertainment Centre in Byron Bay. It was an amazing experience for all who participated. Gustavo was the 1st one up on the high-flying trapeze, you could see his legs shaking! Reto showed off his gymnastic’s skill by doing a shoulder stand on the bars whilst Gabriel juggled.  It is a must for everyone to come along next time and experience the magic of the circus..

Our People

This afternoon I caught up with Andre to have a quick chat about his life in Byron Bay.

Justin and Andre

Director of Studies Justin and Andre

Please tell us a little bit about yourself and where you are from…

Hi my name is Andre. I’m from Brazil. I am laid back kind of guy, I like to go out with my friends and do some sports which is why I decided to live in a beach area and Byron Bay is perfect for this!

What did you do back at home and what made you decide to come to Australia?

I have just finished my degree at University in Sao Paulo, studying a Bachelor of Commerce with a major in management. While I was studying I also worked in the marketing area for a steel factory. This was lots of fun and I learned a lot.

How long have you been at GV Byron and what are you studying?

I have been in Byron since the end of August. I am studying the CAE course in GV Byron Bay. This course is really nice and I’m learning a lot, although it’s been quite challenging for me. I’d rather be on the beach sometimes, but in general I have really liked the course and especially my teacher. Daniel has been really nice to me and has helped me a lot.

What do you plan to do when you have completed your studies with us?

After my CAE exam I will go to Sydney and spend about three or four days there. I have already rented a car for a month and I want to do a quick lap around Australia. I want to see as much of Australia as I possibly can before I have to go home.

What has been the single best moment that you have experienced since you joined GV Byron Bay?

Uhm, well that’s hard to say as there have been so many great moments. But, I guess… Well I loved going to the circus and flying with the trapeze, as well as making lots of friends here. In general it has been great fun, and I really want to say thanks to everyone at GV Byron Bay for being so friendly and kind.

What is your favourite place in Byron?

Well, I’m a surfer and I love the beach. My favourite beach in Byron is “The Pass” because it is where there are some great waves.

Positions Vacant

Full-Time Shop Assistant – in a happy environment at Jonson Street, Byron Bay. Phone 0412278512

Casual Cleaners – Required, Ballina, Lennox area, must have own transport, suit retiree or students,experience preferred but not essential. Phone Tanya 0408860144

Senior Stylist / Colourist – For busy Byron Bay salon. Email resume to: info@fusionbyron.com or phone 0400718346

Wanted Cleaners – 4 1/2 star complex requires casual cleaners, must be willing to rworking weekends and holidays, experience would be handy but not a must to the right person. Please fax resume to 66809205 or email: apartments@byronroyal.com.au

Gardener / Handyman – 4 1/2 star complex reuires someone with a bit of a green thumb. Duties gardening, lawn mowing, general cleaning and odd jobs. 15 hours over 3 days per week. Please fax resume to 66809205 or email: apartments@byronroyal.com.au

Permanent Housekeeper – Wanted for family in Ewingsdale, 2 days per week, 4 hours per shift at $20.00 cash per hour. Postion available immediately. Please phone 0421314130

Linknet Communications – A local wirless internet provider is seeking a keen and enthusiastic person to take telephone enquiries and sales and carry out administration duties. You will have an excellent telephone manner, good communication and autonomously. You must have competent computer skills and some IT knowledge. 35 hours per week. APply: jobs@linknet.com.au or fax 66643503

Riverside Espresso Bar – is looking for an experienced Barista. Great pay for the right person. Phone 0438777401

Experienced Barista – Required to joion the team at Twisted Sista Cafe. Must be available over summer. Please only call it you have experience. Phone 66856810

Free Rent –  in Byron Bay in exchange for child care. Contact lynette@live.com.au or text 0421712550 for more information.

Breakfast & Lunch Cook Wanted – Shifts available now for a competent, reliable person to work in a busy Byron Shire Cafe / Restaurant mid-week and weekend days. Call 0439449080 now to arrange an interview for the above position.

Passionate, Experienced nail artist/s – Required for plush NEW Nail Boutique in Byron Bay. If you wish to be a part of this exciting new salon phone Amie: 0432097994 or forward resume: velvetnails@gmail.com

Crab Racing Presentation

As part of the festivities yesterday we had our own version of the Melbourne cup and raced crabs.  Each class had its own crab and presented the “racing form” of each crab to the school. Below is an example of one of the presentations from the CAE class. Thanks to all the classes for putting in so much effort and making it such a fun day.

Mulata Do Samba

Mulata do samba is one of the great race crabs of her time, winning 999 races all around the world. She was bred by Ronaldinho at Carnival farm in Rio de Janerio – Brazil. In her early life she learnt how to Samba as a native Brazilian, which helped her to build the strong legs that carried her on to become a champion in many races. She is very graceful, especially when she is wearing the Brazilian colours.

She is the only crab who has won the Singapore night-race three times and comes to Global Village Race as the favourite crab to take the trophy home.

She was involved in a doping scandal in 2006 when she got arrested during one race in Colombia when illicit substances were found inside her handicap weight sack. However, she was found to be innocent when after an investigation where the narcotic police discovered that the weights had been tampered with just before the race.
CAE preparation class.

Positions Vacant

SALES PERSON / PA – Required in furniture / bedding store, enthusiastic and reliable, experience preferred. Byron area 0412856722

INDUSTRIAL SEWING MACHINIST – Casual light upholstery work. Phone 0412856722

RIVERSIDE ESPRESSO BAR – Is looking for an experienced Barista. Great pay for the right person. Phone 0438777401

CLEANERS REQUIRED – For eco cleaning, approximately 10-20 hours per week, car, ABN and cleaning experience required. 0412034719

MARKET FOOD VAN – Good, reliable worker wanted to cook, clean and take orders, own transport, prefer female, experience in fast food. 0409431906

CHEF APPRENTICE -1st or 2nd year preferred. FRONT OF HOUSE – Must be available to work weekends. Apply in person – The Happy Dolphin Cafe, Brunswick Heads. 66851355

EXPERIENCED RETAIL SALES POSITION (Casual) –  Excellent Crystal knowledge and successful sales record essential. Applicants must be able to work weekends and weekdays. All applications to be either emailed to emma@crystalcastle.com.au or fax to 0266841196

CLEANER REQUIRED – For the Crystal Castle. 5 days per week 7:30am – 9:30am including weekends.  Addtional 4 hours required Thursdays. Email resume to emma@crystalcastle.com.au or fax to 0266841196

BARISTA – Excellent coffee making ability and the skill to multi task and  perform under pressure. Full-time available for the right person. Byron Fresh Cafe. Phone 0420940887

RESTAURANT STAFF – We require hard-working reliable and experienced staff for all facets of restaurant and kitchen. wait-staff, kitchen hand, prep staff, cooks, full-time, part-time and casual available. Ocean Shores Country Club. Phone Kate 0403257304

CLEANER – Required for restaurant kitchen 1-2 nights per week, must have reference’s. Ocean Shores Country Club. Phone Kate 0403257304

EXPERIENCED PROFESSIONAL WAIT-STAFF – Required Thursday, Friday and Saturday night for busy Bangalow restaurant. Must have RSA. Phone Luke on 66872088

GYPROCKER – For small renovation, experienced $25 per hour. Phone 66857887

CASUAL SHORT ORDER COOK – Required to join the team at Twisted Sista Cafe. Must have passion and experience. Phone 66856810

SENIOR WAIT-PERSON – Busy, friendly Byron eatery seeks confident and experienced team player for approximately 20 hours per week. Email resume to: jobs@asiajoes.com – Phone  0448902363

Movie Reviews General English Class

Last week in our General English Classes our student reviewed some of their favourite movies…

Movie Title: The Bucket list

The story: This movie is about two men who have different characters, economic states and even skin color. By an accident, they had to share a same room by the rule of the hospital which is there’s no single room or exception, involving the owner of the hospital who is one of two men.

They don’t have enough life to live and they made a bucket list to spent their time in a worthful way and then they started to travel all around world and did what they wanted to. During their trip, they found the real meaning of life. Finally, they became truly friends and one of two died happily.

This movie tries to tell you how much beautiful your life is and what is truly meaningful to you in your lifetime and gives you a chance to reflect your situation for a while.

The characters:   There’re two men who are main characters in the movie. One is Morgan Freeman and the other is Jack Nicholson. As we know, they are great great actors and of course, they did good job in this movie, too.

Best parts of the movie:  Two man did skydiving in the movie and it looked really scary and exciting because it means that even though they’re old physically, but not mentally. They have passion like us, young people, and this true is easy to be ignored by youngsters, so this scene was highly impressive part of all.

Worst parts of the movie : To be honest, this story is unrealistic because we are not afford to do all of the list without an extremely great fortune. Surely, it doesn’t make sense to ordinary people like us.

Conclusion!:  In my opinion, this movie is awesome. If you want to think yourself or be impressed from something, just try !! I’m sure that you’re not going to be sorry ^ ^


Soo Young. Intermediate – General English , Global Village.