Ping Pong Grand Slam Hits Byron Bay

Even with dark clouds looming and the humidity playing an unkind hand, nothing was going to stop the ping pong grand Slam players from competing for the ultimate title…  GV BYRON BAY GRAND SLAM CHAMPION!!!

As the weather moved in so did the buzz around  campus as Kim and Jessica set the pace. The knock out tournament had begun! Yudai, who had been stirring up  Robin over the past week was very happy to have won against him but not before Robin gave him a run for his money. This was followed by a very powerful play from  Kai who put up a good fight to win over Jan. In the end though, there was no contest against our New GV BYRON BAY GRAND SLAM CHAMPION…..  JEAN-PASCAL J.P.!!! … Well Done J.P.  ; )

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