Meet one of our Dedicated GV Byron Bay Teachers

Lynne Holian has been teaching at GV Byron Bay for a year. All of the students know her as a happy and dedicated teacher. This week we caught up with her and asked her a few questions.

So Lynne, tell us a bit about yourself.

Okay, well I arrived in Byron Bay from Switzerland about 18 months ago. My husband is Swiss and we had been living in Switzerland. We bought the “Byron Local” opposite the surf club which sells great food, coffee and juices. We have two children, Anouk who is 2 years old and Chiara who is 4. I have lived overseas and taught English in many places around the world including Africa, Alaska, England, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland.

Do you speak any other languages?

Yes I speak fluent German.

Do you have any other hidden talents ?

Well I am a published author – I have written a series of children’s books which have been published.

That is impressive! Now about GV, what class are you teaching at the moment?

I am teaching the Pre-Intermediate class. They are a really good group of students and because the class size is fairly small I can give each student a lot of personal attention and really get to know them.

Is there any student you have taught at GV Byron Bay who has specially impressed you?

There is a quite a few actually but one student who stood out was Jema. She had very little English but she worked hard and it improved rapidly. She also took to the Byron lifestyle. She has left GV now and works in Byron for a Sky Diving School. She went sky-diving while she was at GV and loved it and she now works for them.

So tell us what is your favourite place to eat in Byron Bay?

Lynne and her family in front of their Cafe, "The Byron Local"

Lynne and her family in front of their Cafe, "The Byron Local"

The Byron Local of course! We have the biggest and best hamburgers in town and Michael prides himself on serving up fresh, healthy and yummy food.  I also love going to The Balcony around sunset and having a cocktail or two!

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