Angelique’s and Maeva’s Great Barrier Reef Weekend

Two of our French students made a weekend trip to the Great Barrier Reef during their time at GV Byron Bay. They arrived back at GV Byron Bay on the Monday very excited and happy with the trip.

Here is Maeva’s story:

“We left Byron Bay on Thursday by bus and then took a plane trip to Proserpine. From there it was a short bus trip to Airlie Beach. We stayed in a backpackers at Airlie. We were 8 people sleeping in the same “flat”. This backpackers was very beautiful. There was lots of tropical vegetation. We were up at 6am and got ready to take the boat to the Great Barrier Reef. On the way we saw lots of whales. Some of them were jumping. We met a French girl and a Kiwi boy who worked on the boat. On the pontoon we did scuba diving. For Angelique it was the first time and she loved it. It was really beautiful- we met a big fish called “Napoleon” (very French name!) that was 2 metres. We saw lots of fish and coral – AWESOME. We ate on the pontton in the sun. Lots of foods…..MMMMM. We also did snorkelling and took lots of underwater photos with GV’s underwater camera. On the return we took photos with the Kiwi boy. In the evening we met the French girl and we had dinner and a drink together. On Saturday we went by boat to Whitehaven Island. It is a beautiful island with white, white sand. We went snorkelling and saw turtles. A Barbeque with meat and seafood was waiting for us when we returned to the boat. That night we had pizza at Magnums and then went to Mama Africa, a nightclub. On our return trip we met again the Kiwi boy who was on the same bus and flight back. It was a beautiful weekend”.

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  1. It was AWESOME!!!

    Thank you Damian for your help and for making my trip unbelievable !

    Do you have news from dave?

    See ya Mate!

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