Meet one of our Dedicated GV Byron Bay Teachers

Lynne Holian has been teaching at GV Byron Bay for a year. All of the students know her as a happy and dedicated teacher. This week we caught up with her and asked her a few questions.

So Lynne, tell us a bit about yourself.

Okay, well I arrived in Byron Bay from Switzerland about 18 months ago. My husband is Swiss and we had been living in Switzerland. We bought the “Byron Local” opposite the surf club which sells great food, coffee and juices. We have two children, Anouk who is 2 years old and Chiara who is 4. I have lived overseas and taught English in many places around the world including Africa, Alaska, England, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland.

Do you speak any other languages?

Yes I speak fluent German.

Do you have any other hidden talents ?

Well I am a published author – I have written a series of children’s books which have been published.

That is impressive! Now about GV, what class are you teaching at the moment?

I am teaching the Pre-Intermediate class. They are a really good group of students and because the class size is fairly small I can give each student a lot of personal attention and really get to know them.

Is there any student you have taught at GV Byron Bay who has specially impressed you?

There is a quite a few actually but one student who stood out was Jema. She had very little English but she worked hard and it improved rapidly. She also took to the Byron lifestyle. She has left GV now and works in Byron for a Sky Diving School. She went sky-diving while she was at GV and loved it and she now works for them.

So tell us what is your favourite place to eat in Byron Bay?

Lynne and her family in front of their Cafe, "The Byron Local"

Lynne and her family in front of their Cafe, "The Byron Local"

The Byron Local of course! We have the biggest and best hamburgers in town and Michael prides himself on serving up fresh, healthy and yummy food.  I also love going to The Balcony around sunset and having a cocktail or two!

Angelique’s and Maeva’s Great Barrier Reef Weekend

Two of our French students made a weekend trip to the Great Barrier Reef during their time at GV Byron Bay. They arrived back at GV Byron Bay on the Monday very excited and happy with the trip.

Here is Maeva’s story:

“We left Byron Bay on Thursday by bus and then took a plane trip to Proserpine. From there it was a short bus trip to Airlie Beach. We stayed in a backpackers at Airlie. We were 8 people sleeping in the same “flat”. This backpackers was very beautiful. There was lots of tropical vegetation. We were up at 6am and got ready to take the boat to the Great Barrier Reef. On the way we saw lots of whales. Some of them were jumping. We met a French girl and a Kiwi boy who worked on the boat. On the pontoon we did scuba diving. For Angelique it was the first time and she loved it. It was really beautiful- we met a big fish called “Napoleon” (very French name!) that was 2 metres. We saw lots of fish and coral – AWESOME. We ate on the pontton in the sun. Lots of foods…..MMMMM. We also did snorkelling and took lots of underwater photos with GV’s underwater camera. On the return we took photos with the Kiwi boy. In the evening we met the French girl and we had dinner and a drink together. On Saturday we went by boat to Whitehaven Island. It is a beautiful island with white, white sand. We went snorkelling and saw turtles. A Barbeque with meat and seafood was waiting for us when we returned to the boat. That night we had pizza at Magnums and then went to Mama Africa, a nightclub. On our return trip we met again the Kiwi boy who was on the same bus and flight back. It was a beautiful weekend”.

Jobs of the Week

Barista/Bar Busy cafe/restaurant seeking high quality fast paced passionate

and customer service focused staff. Permanent part-time for the right applicant.

Award wages and good working environment.

Email CV to The Manager

Cleaners wanted Plenty of long term consistent work. Work in your own area: Byron, Bangalow and surrounding areas. Cleaning, ironing, housework in private homes. Earn from $18 to $40 per hour. No equipment necessary ,choose own hours. Phone 029294 5539.

Your Gourmet Catering Chefs and wait staff wanted for part time weekend work. To join our professional and friendly team call 0439656063.

Wait staff and Bar staff  needed for Saturday night functions near Bangalow. Must have RSA. Function waitering or bar experience an advantage. Phone 66872527 and leave a message.





Say Cheese!

Thanks Monica!  She prepared some Swiss delicacies for her fellow students this afternoon.



It was really delicious!!! Remember if you want to cook some recipes from your home country for your fellow students GV Byron Bay will be happy to help out by paying for some or all of the ingredients.

Up, Up and Away

Joanne, one of our students from Taiwan, took to the skies today in a tandem hang-glider!

What a great way to spend your Friday afternoon. Joanne said that it was an amazing experience and reports that it “wasn’t scary” and that  “it was really quite peaceful” gliding above the ocean. Maybe she is just really brave! If you are as brave as Joanne and want to try hang-gliding just see Damian at the front office and he will contact Neil at the hang-gliding school.  It’s a once in a lifetime experience and well worth the price!

IELTS Class Underway!!

The IELTS class is underway, and curious to find out how it was going I talked to Yuna about her experience of the class so far.

Justin and Yuna

Justin and Yuna

“I really have liked this class so far and am beginning to see my English skills really being used. In this class we are learning a lot of skills that I didn’t know before, such as how to skim, scan, to take effective notes while listening, write an academic essay and be able to analyze graphical information. We are studying interesting and specialized topics which the GE classes don’t usually practice.

For me one of the important things about taking this course is that I have to make  a written report or essay every week. I find writing academically really hard, as it requires lots of time and effort and so on. It is never easy to get it perfect!!. I mean, time management is great essential to me as well as everyone. So at the start of this course, I did make a plan in advance, and I did make the best use of after school and weekend  studying hard. As a consequence, I am likely to finish with pride and improve my English skills.

I will tell you how to improve reading and vocabulary and listening skills. Good vocabulary skills will be useful in sentence completion, antonyms, analogies, and reading comprehension. If you know the meaning of all the words in the answer choices, it makes the question easier.  When you come across an unfamiliar word, look it up and write down its definition. You’ll be amazed at how much better your vocabulary is after reading on a regular basis for just a month.

Next, explore different forms of reading material. I mean, check out works in both their book forms and books on tape, CD, or digital recording forms. Because if do that you can read a book while listening to the same book on tape. Listening is very important in our daily life it is a real time skill. So we need to understand what we hear on the spot and often you have to respond immediately. You can practice listening at home, through the Internet, on the bus … wherever you are. I recommend the learning center absolutely. In my case, I love watching movie. So when I go to there I used to watch DVDs so practice listening with joy and fun. Also if you are watching TV or listening to the radio, record it then you can listen again. And you can listen to your classbook cassette and workbook cassette at school. Use as many kinds of material as much as possible.

In general, I have really enjoyed this class. It really is a different experience for me, and I find it exciting to be part of a class that is focused on academic English.

What are those Unusual Creatures in the Student Lounge??

No one can say that GV Byron Bay does not have some highly unusual (but very entertaining) activities included in their afternoon activity program.

Yesterday, while most of our students went off to the beach, a select few stayed behind to create some unsual balloon creatures in the afternoon activity. We are not sure what these creatures are…a dog, a cat, something else?? Who knows but anyway the students seemed to enjoy creating them.