Yoga Afternoon

Alex from the Byron Yoga Centre came to GV Byron Bay today and gave a yoga class as part of the school’s afternoon activity program.

P5270504The class grew to 12 students by the end of the session and they warrior-posereported feeling very relaxed and flexible at the end of it.

There will be at least two yoga sessions every month at GV Byron Bay as part of the afternoon activity program. It is a great way to unwind after a hard day studying so why not join in?

Alex said she enjoyed giving the lesson and that it was a good way for students to practise their English because they had to listen to her instructions and follow them! For more info on the Byron Yoga Centre go to:

Do you like this classroom?

It was a sensational day so the intermediate class held it’s afternoon lesson at the beautiful White’s Beach.

White’s Beach is a few kilometres south of Byron Bay in the Broken Head National Park and is about 10 minutes drive from GV Byron Bay. Although relatively close to the Byron Bay township the area is largely undiscovered by tourists and the students were able to have the beach to themselves. All of the students enjoyed having the lesson outside at this beautiful location. More outdoor classes are planned for the next few months.

Teacher Feature……this week we talk to Louisa.

Maybe you want to learn a bit about some of the terrific teachers we have here at GV Byron Bay. This week we spoke to Louisa who is currently teaching pre-intermediate and Intermediate classes.


Tell us a bit about yourself. How long have you been in Byron Bay and where else have you lived and worked?

I have travelled a lot and worked and lived in a few different places around the world. I lived in Peru for 6 months and Colombia for two years. I have also lived in India. I have been back in Byron Bay and teaching at GV Byron Bay for about five months. I previously studied at the Southern Cross University at Lismore (the closest Uni to Byron Bay) and I obtained my Bachelor Degree in Music.

Do you have any special talents or interests (besides teaching ESL of course)?

I love music. I’ve been singing and writing music and playing guitar for years. I love incorporating music into my English lessons – the students respond well to music. I have played my guitar and sung a few of my songs at GV Byron Bay barbeques and that has been fun!

Which class are you teaching at the moment? 

I teach intermediate and pre-intermediate. My students are really motivated and enthusiastic – it’s been a great experience and I am enjoying teaching so much.

Can you tell us about a student in your class who you feel has made outstanding progress…?

Anna, a Spanish student. She is just so enthusiastic and interested in learning not only English but about Australian culture. She always participates, studies hard and completes homework. She has a positive influence on the rest of the students.

What do you enjoy about teaching at GV Byron Bay?

I love the facilities. I have taught in other schools where the classrooms are a bit depressing. At GV Byron Bay we have big beautiful classrooms with big windows. Also it is the overall positive teaching environment. The teachers at GV all take their jobs very seriously and there is a lot of support and exchange of ideas between teachers.

If you weren’t a teacher what job would you like to be doing now?

That’s easy – I’d like to be touring the world playing my music in big venues… in other words I’d be a rockstar!

What do you like most about living in the Byron Bay area?

There are a lot of things I love about Byron Bay. The spectacular scenery and natural beauty, the live music culture, the fact that it is a meeting place for people from all over the world, the huge amount of things there are to do here….surfing, dancing, camping, bushwalking….I could go on and on!

What is your favourite shop or Restaurant in Byron Bay?

The Chameleon Cafe – all the meals are handmade and the produce locally grown. It’s not expensive and they have great pizzas and steaks. I also love “O-Sushi” – it was voted the best sushi train restaurant in New South Wales recently.

Looking for Work?…..this week’s jobs

Nanny/Housekeeper caring for 10 year old boy, 2 afternoons, evenings per weekly and occasional weekend work. Energetic, kind hearted person, Suffolk Park $15 per hour. Ph 0409361801

Gardener for property at Possum Creek, must be experienced, reliable, fit and strong, 4hrs per week at $20 per hour. Ph 66872340

Nanny mature, caring & gentle woman needed up to 10 hours per week. Experience essential, ph 66872860

Board Games with Jack and Lucy

Jack and Lucy’s school was closed yesterday so they visited GV Byron Bay and helped with the games afternoon in the Common Room.

Jack (11 years) and Lucy (9 years) are the children of GV Byron Bay’s Director. Their school was closed today so they came along to GV Byron Bay and helped out with the afternoon boardgames activity. The children and the students all had a great time – Jack & Lucy introduced the students to such games as “Kaleidoscope”, “Pass the Bomb”, “Cathedral” and “Goblet”. Pass the Bomb is a particularly good game for English Language students because it involves making words out of letters and is good for expanding your vocabulary.

Multicultural “Drop In” Every Wednesday

The Byron Harmony Team hold a “Multicultural Drop In” every Wednesday at the Byron Community Cultural Centre from 2pm to 4pm.

Yvonne Jessop from the Byron Harmony Group visited GV Byron Bay this week and extended an invitation to all students to come along to the Drop In which is held every Wednesday at 2pm. It will occasionally be incorporated into GV’s afternoon activities. The Byron Harmony Group is made up of local people –  many of them have moved here from overseas. The purpose of the group is to promote acceptance of other country’s cultures by celebrating them with events such as Harmony Day and the weekly drop in. At the drop in people bring their musical instruments and national dishes and have an afternoon of fun, food, music and lively conversation. At the drop in you can expect to see such things as digeredoo playing, flamenco dancing, an Indonesion Gamalan Band, food from many different countries and more. Yvonne has said that she would love our students to put on a presentation of their country’s culture whether it be a cooking or craft lesson or music and dancing. The Harmony Group will pay for all materials, ingredients and expenses! The Community Centre is located a short distance from GV Byron Bay – only five minutes walk, so why not come down next Wednesday and check out the drop in – you never know who you will meet and it is sure to be a lot of fun.

Looking for Work? – this week’s jobs!

Congratulations to Gema who is now working for the Byron Bay sky diving tour operators!!

Person required to work in  food van at local markets. Experiencestalls[1]

 in food not necessary but excellent customer skills & attention to detail essential.

Please respond to:



Food and Beverage/Retail Opportunity Qualified chefs/ baristas/ waitpersons and kitchenhands. Phone Steve on 0408520747

Casual Cleaners wanted, experience preferred. Email resume to: